Budget Conscious Kitchen Remodel Offers Stunning Results

Many people feel overwhelmed and nervous about the cost of a kitchen remodel, concerned that budget constraints will mean lower quality and fewer options. Dave Humerick, a kitchen designer in our Olney Cabinet Discounters showroom recently showed a Silver Spring family how they could achieve their dream kitchen with quality materials and details- within their budget!

Buttaggi6Buttaggi11The Buttaggis worked with Dave to create a clean, modern kitchen that will enhance the real estate value of their home while also providing a beautiful and functional new space for cooking and entertaining. The results are stunning!


Mixed woods and modern hardware and appliances both contrast and compliment each other in the new kitchen. An island stovetop with freestanding vent above create a focal point for the room and lend to the open feel the Buttaggis were looking for. The cabinets chosen for the perimeter are by Homecrest in Sedona Shaker style with a Java stain and Sedona Shaker cabinetry in Alpine white finish was used for the contrasting island cabinetry.

Cabinet Discounters : Why did you choose Cabinet Discounters?
The Buttaggis: We originally looked into refacing as our kitchen is quite large and we wanted to save some money. Frustrated at the large estimates to reface, we happened to walk into Cabinet Discounters in Olney and wound up talking with Dave Humerick. Dave was very understanding with our desire to save money and do things smart, but to also have a quality kitchen that’s done right and that would “wow” potential buyers in the future. After a short time discussing, Dave provided us some basic costs and we were pleasantly surprised that we could have a whole new kitchen for less than the cost of refacing – Cabinet Discounters was officially hired!

Cabinet Discounters : What made you decide to remodel?
The Buttaggis: Our kitchen was 25 years old and the original, low-grade cabinets and countertops were ugly and not holding up well. We purchased this home knowing it’s not our “forever” home, so we thought remodeling the kitchen would help with the resale someday. Plus, we wanted a nice kitchen to use and enjoy while we are here.

Cabinet Discounters : Can you describe your experience working with our people?
The Buttaggis: Working with everyone involved in our kitchen remodel was very pleasant and easy. We had a few hiccups (not surprising with a job this big), but Dave Humerick was very accommodating and managed everything to our satisfaction. Craig the main installer, provided top quality work and doesn’t cut corners. The electricians went above and beyond and the plumbers were quick and clean. Also, working with the granite company was a good experience and we couldn’t be happier with our countertops. I would very much recommend going through the effort of picking your slabs – we wound up finding granite that was not in the Cabinet Discounters showroom, but we liked it much better and it was the same price as the “showroom” granite. Overall, our experience was very positive and I would highly recommend Cabinet Discounters.

Cabinet Discounters : How satisfied are you with the outcome?
The Buttaggis: We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our kitchen. It’s everything we hoped it would be and we did it within budget and a reasonable amount of time. The best part is that my wife, several times while cooking, has said how much she loves it – that alone makes it a huge success!