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Cabinet Discounters Kitchen Planning Guide

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or planning a kitchen remodel project, the first step is to collected ideas of kitchens and bathrooms you like. Pinterest and Houzz are great places to get ideas – you can find Cabinet Discounters there too! Start a Pinterest Board or a Houzz Idea Book to keep your ideas organized.

Cabinet Discounters on Pinterest | Cabinet Discounters on Houzz

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Download our Kitchen Planning Guide and complete our Lifestyle Survey to help the Cabinet Discounters design team create the perfect kitchen for you!

Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling
Of the countless reasons customers make changes to their kitchens these are probably on the list:

  • Safety
  • Lack of counterspace
  • Slow flow
  • Poor storage
  • Space issues
  • Updated design


Oh, you’ve heard this on our ad? Well, not every budget is ready for a full-scale remodel, but we’re always ready to work within your budget! Cabinet Discounters can work with you on less costly dress-ups to projects of palatial proportion! We offer product lines featuring “Good, Better, Best and Beyond!” But we assure you, our services go even beyond that!

To refresh your kitchen, maybe you’d like to have a new countertop installed, with plumbing fixtures that meet your needs. How nice a new, engineered stone countertop would look in place of the well-worn surface you’ve been staring at every day! With a deep sink and a pull-out faucet with a spray! New, attractive hardware! Maybe a new floor! Oh, and a fresh coat of paint in a color you saw in a magazine!

Is it time to replace your existing cabinets and countertop? Replace the old with cabinets from our selection of quality products. Why, one line, alone, offers more than 700 combinations of door style, wood and finish options. We can work in the existing space and shape of your kitchen and bring it completely up-to-date with rollouts, drawers and doors to make your kitchen convenient and comfortable. There’s no such thing as a self-cleaning floor, but maybe there’s one you can have installed that’ll be easier to maintain. New lighting will put a glow in the room and on you!

Now if you want to go from drab to fab and transform your home, consider a full-scale remodel. This may involve moving a wall, removing soffits, or borrowing space from an adjoining room. Reshaping the room will give you an opportunity to paint with a broader brush… add pantries and party stations, replace old appliances with the latest technology has to offer, mix counter heights and cabinet depths and work surfaces! Oh, the possibilities!

Important Information

When you’re ready to get started, your Cabinet Discounters partner-in-design will need to know:

  • The age of your house?
  • Is there a second story over the kitchen?
  • Is your house on a slab, crawlspace, or over a basement?
  • Is your basement finished or unfinished?
  • What materials are the interior walls of the kitchen?
  • Do you have soffits in the kitchen?

More Questions
And there are lifestyle questions…we’re not being nosy…knowing your lifestyle will determine how much space to allow for certain activities, which products are better suited to daily use, and what expectations you have of the design. A full questionnaire is provided, but just for a taste:

  • How many in your household: adults, children, pets?
  • Do you host formal dinners, throw football parties or have jazzy jam sessions?
  • Do you watch the evening news on TV while preparing dinner?
  • Do you require height adjustments to work comfortably?
  • Do you need a home for all the kitchen gadgets you bought from late-night infomercials?
  • Do you require more than one sink? More than one dishwasher?
  • Do you pay bills at the kitchen table?
  • Are you a baker? A canner? The family caterer?

What Inspires You?
There’s no telling what has most influenced your wishlist. Maybe memories of your grandma’s kitchen or the kitchen on the set of a situation comedy. We know this: When you’re in the market for something, you suddenly start taking notice of things that catch your fancy:

  • Wow! Shelving for my family-size warehouse buys!
  • So THAT’S where I can I hide the towel rack!
  • Love those refrigerator drawers for fruits and veggies!
  • You mean you can mix colors of wood in the kitchen cabinetry?!
  • Hey, I want chop and drop counterspace…chop the veggies and drop ’em right into the pot on the cooktop!
  • Hmmm…Just a nook for a kitchen office, right THERE!
  • Keep the butler, but give me that butler’s pantry!

What Are Your Preferences?
You have your preferences: Given a choice, there are things you know you like and styles you know you don’t like… Like choosing vanilla over chocolate, or chocolate over vanilla, decide what stands out in your mind.

  • What kitchen style do you prefer: Casual, Contemporary, Rustic, Traditional or Transitional?
  • Cabinet preference: Wood, Painted, Laminate?
  • Wood species? Oak, Maple, Cherry or Hickory?
  • What colors are you considering for cabinets: White, Light, Medium or Dark?
  • What about the countertops and flooring: White, Light Medium or Dark?
  • Countertop preference: Solid Surface, Engineered Stone, Granite, Ceramic Tile or Recycled Glass?
  • Sink preference: Surface Mount, Under-Mount, Integral Bowl, Double Bowl, Single Bowl, Corner Sink, Farm Sink, Stainless or Copper?
  • Faucet preference: single handle, double handle, traditional, contemporary, chrome or nickel finish?
  • Appliances: standard, professional style or truly professional?
  • Flooring: laminate, hardwood, sheet vinyl, bamboo, cork or porcelain tile?
  • Lighting: ambient, tracklighting, tasklighting, pendants, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent or chandelier. Oh, the list can go on!
  • Door/drawer pulls: glass, metal, balls, bars or whimsical?

Go Shopping!
Yes, GO SHOPPING! How many times will you hear THAT in your life? To make your dream-kitchen scrapbook more complete, shop for appliances and special lighting, to get an idea of what’s available to you and at what price tag. You will have these costs available to you when figuring your budget for the whole project.

Let’s say you choose the refrigerator you just can’t live without. Make certain it’s available. Make sure you have the model numbers or the printed specs that tell the designer the amount of space it will require. Make sure you know how much it will cost as this will be subtracted from the dream-kitchen fund. As you consider new appliances and lighting fixtures with specific price tags, you’ll be dipping into the dream-kitchen fund and be left with an amount with which your designer will work to create the kitchen you want!

Time To Begin

Download our Kitchen Planning Guide and complete our Lifestyle Survey to help the Cabinet Discounters design team create the perfect kitchen for you!

Pick a partner… one for each end of a retractable measuring tape! It’s time to begin measuring!

  • Hold the tape at a comfortable, even height for you and your partner… somewhere in the space between the upper and lower cabinets… start in a left hand corner and measure your first wall in inches. Move around the room, measuring each wall and jotting down the measurements on a piece of graph paper, labeling “Wall #1″ “Wall #2″ etc.
  • Now return to each wall and if there is, say, a window on that wall, measure from that left hand corner to the outside of the window trim, then measure across the window, trim edge to trim edge. Mark these measurements on the paper. Then measure from the right edge of the trim to the right hand corner of the wall, and note this on your paper. Do this for any openings on the remaining walls.
  • Measure doors to the top of the trim and mark your paper.

Checks & Balances
Now let your partner ‘take the lead’ to do the measurement reading of the same areas while you hold the tape end in place. This way measurements are noted and checked.
Check that opposite walls are nearly equal in measure. In other words, the measurements of Walls 1 and 3 should be nearly the same, and Walls 2 and 4 should be nearly equal. If the measurements are way off, measure them again!

Measure and mark the points at which you find these items:

  • Sink faucet and drain
  • Dishwasher
  • Cooktop or range: Oh, and is it gas or electric?
  • Wall oven: gas or electric?

It’s that easy! Worried about smaller details? For your first meeting, our designers will work with the measurements you initially provide. But they’ll schedule a visit to your home to get all the detailed measurements so crucial to a successful installation.

  • You’ve saved photos of kitchens you like
  • You’re ready to tell why you want a new kitchen
  • You’ve decided on the scope of the project based on how much you’re looking to spend and how much you wish to change… refresh, replace, or remodel
  • You have a brief description of the house construction and existing kitchen
  • You’ve answered lifestyle questions
  • You’ve written down what you want included in the new design
  • You recognize what your style preferences are
  • You’ve gone shopping and have an idea how much your selection of appliances and lighting might cost
  • You’ve measured
  • It’s time to give us a call.

Don’t Panic

If all these steps have you overwhelmed and shakin’ in your shoes – just give us a call and we’ll get you started.

Although a showroom appointment is not necessary, it will make the best use of your time and our professional design-consultant can give you their full attention.