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Relaxing Master Bathroom With All of Your Needs December 1, 2022

Have you reached the point of exhaustion with your master bathroom? Are you finding that the mere existence of  your bathroom is making everyday life more difficult? Is your bathroom out of date or falling apart? If you can relate to any of these issues, then it may be time…

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Case Study

Luxurious new kitchen perfect for entertaining November 23, 2022

Have you reached the point of exhaustion with your kitchen? Can you just simply not stand spending another day with your old, rundown space? If you can relate to any of these points, then a new kitchen may be in your future. A local family had been looking to change…

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My new kitchen is “comfortable to work in” November 17, 2022

Have you been stuck in the same kitchen for literally decades? Every day you wake up to the same issues, the same outdated style, or the same various states of disrepair. If you're struggling with using your kitchen, then it may be time for something new. A local family found…

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Case Study

“Thank you to everyone at Cabinet Discounters who made this kitchen our dream kitchen!” November 10, 2022

Are you tired of living every day with your kitchen that's falling apart? Have you grown accustomed to changing your way of life just to accommodate your failing kitchen? Is your life being made more difficult because your kitchen is too old? If you can relate to any of these…

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"I loved working with all the Cabinet Discounters personnel.  My designer was very patient when I changed my mind about what materials I wanted, and also changed my mind about the design for the master plan for the kitchen.  I enjoyed working with the subcontractors, because they are all local and family owned, and all have worked with Cabinet Discounters for many years." M. T. – Rockville, MD
"We have nothing but good things to say about the entire team. Lois, was imaginative and focused on the essential details. She would take the time to explain each decision.  And then when we were stuck on some choices (granite, tile, backsplash), she would help us out to view different possibilities. Once the design was set, a detailed project plan was laid out. Our project was schedule over the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  We were very pleasantly surprised when everything was done on schedule despite obstacles. Everyone who we dealt with was courteous and always let us know what the next steps were. The were mindful that we were without a kitchen for a number of weeks and worked to minimize the impact on us." A. T. – Burke, VA
"We are thrilled with how our kitchen turned out! We have so much more storage and countertop space than we did before which has made the kitchen so enjoyable to work in.  It’s funny how a few simple changes to the layout have made simple tasks like making a cup of coffee in the morning so much more efficient.  Things feel effortless in our new kitchen whereas before we had to take more steps to complete tasks in a what was a smaller kitchen space before." L. H. – Sterling, VA
"Cabinet Discounters seemed to be a suitable mixture of custom cabinetry with a large inventory of options and prices that was in our area. The staff and contractors of Cabinet Discounters have been consistently reliable, polite and alert people. My designer was very easy to work with, super responsive, and very efficient with my time. The delivery folks were also very friendly and accommodating." C. G. – Brandywine, MD
"We are very happy with the high quality of cabinetry from Cabinet Discounters and useful aspects build into them.  When one sees the words "Cabinet Discounters" there is a tendency to think of cheaper cabinets, this is clearly not the case the cabinets from Cabinet Discounters are of top quality and well built." L. W. – Potomac, MD
"The entire experience was outstanding.  Our designer really worked to understand our needs and requirements.  She worked with us through numerous changes as we made decisions and changes along the way.  Each of the installers that worked on the project were professional and courteous.  They all worked to ensure our vision was understood and considered.  They worked well together and helped each other out." K. T. – Mount Airy, MD
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Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here

Download Cabinet Discounter's Kitchen Planning Guide

Download our Kitchen Planning Guide and complete our Lifestyle Survey to help the Cabinet Discounters design team create the perfect kitchen for you!

Our Kitchen Planning Guide

Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling

Of the countless reasons customers make changes to their kitchens these are probably on the list:

  • Safety
  • Poor Storage
  • Lack of Counterspace
  • Space Issues
  • Slow Flow

Is it time to replace your existing cabinets and countertop? Replace the old with cabinets from our selection of quality products. Why, one line, alone, offers more than 700 combinations of door style, wood and finish options. We can work in the existing space and shape of your kitchen and bring it completely up-to-date with rollouts, drawers and doors to make your kitchen convenient and comfortable. There’s no such thing as a self-cleaning floor, but maybe there’s one you can have installed that’ll be easier to maintain. New lighting will put a glow in the room and on you!

Learn more about the Kitchen Planning Guide
Install your own kitchen with help from Cabinet Disounters

Rather Do It Yourself?

No problem, Cabinet Discounters can provide you with just the materials to DIY or work with your contractor for the install. Our team is available to answer any questions and make sure your installation process is a smooth one.

What To Expect During Installation

Depending on the size and scope of your project, we expect the installation will take three to four weeks.
  • Stage 1: Preparing for Installation – This stage requires the homeowner to prepare for installation by emptying existing cabinetry and creating an access for our installation crew.
  • Stage 2: Tear Out – Here, the existing cabinets and countertops are taken down and removedfrom the home.
  • Stage 3: Installation – The carpenter, plumber, electrician and other contractors will perform any prepwork and “rough-ins”. Next the cabinets, countertops and moldings are installed. The final step is to complete any plumbing or electrical work, install flooring and make any minor adjustments.
  • Stage 4: Enjoy – With your home back in order and your new cabinets and countertops, there isnothing more to do but sit back and enjoy.

Download our Installation Guide for a complete overview of the Installation Process, Frequently Asked Questions and Payment Schedule.

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