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“Things were about as smooth as it could get”

Have you been stuck in your current kitchen for far too long? Are you finding that it’s difficult to gather, prepare food, or store all of your items? If you can relate to any of these aspect, then you may be ready to remodel your kitchen. A local family had a similar problem, and they knew that something had to be done.

“Our kitchen was over 30 years old and was built when we were 28/29 years old. It was time to update and upgrade to current standards and design.”

Using the recommendation of their personal designer, the family visited the Annapolis showroom of Cabinet Discounters. Once inside, they were very happy with the quality of service they received, and also the pricing we had to offer.

kitchen remodel crownsville md“Cabinet Discounters gave us great service, hand holding, competitive pricing and our designer highly recommended Cabinet Discounters.”

Inside our store, the family met with our designer, Meg O’Neill. They were quite pleased with their experience, and were even reassured when a minor issue arose with several of their cabinets.

“Everyone was great! Even with an inevitable mess up on a couple of cabinets, things were about as smooth as it could get. Meg helped with solutions that turned out well.”

Working along with Meg, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with Heritage door style and Maple Serene color. Cabinet Discounters provided only the cabinetry for this project. 

In the end, the family is very happy with how everything turned out. They’re finding that having friends and family over to enjoy their new space has been quite enjoyable.

kitchen remodel crownsville md“We are very happy. Cooking, entertaining groups of family and friends and just enjoying it with the 2 of us.”

The family is amazed at how easily everything flows with their new kitchen, and has been surprised at the new abundance of storage they have in their redesigned space.

“It is more enjoyable being around nice design, quality products, etc. If anything, it’s still a little challenging finding things!! We need to streamline where we end up storing items as we are still working on understanding our flow.”

With their new kitchen now completed, the family wanted to share their pleasant surprise with the quality products that Cabinet Discounters has to offer.

“My original impression of Cabinet Discounters was that it was a no frills and low service outfit where we would have to figure everything out – kind of like we did 33 years ago with our Ikea cabinets. The reality could not be more opposite – we got a lot of hand holding, beautiful cabinets with beautiful finishes and service in addition to great prices.”

kitchen remodel crownsville mdIf you are like this family and need a new kitchen in your home that works better for your every day life, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

kitchen remodel crownsville md