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Kitchen Flooring

Your floor may have the hardest job in the house. Every person in your house walks on it all day, taking constant abuse, spills, and other accidents. At the same time, you expect your floor to remain beautiful. You want it to be easy to clean and last a long time.

Cabinet Discounters offers quality flooring products for your kitchen, including luxury vinyl, ceramic tile, and hardwood flooring.

Which Type of Kitchen Flooring Do You Need?

Choosing the right kitchen floor for you and your family is crucial. You must consider how much traffic there will be, the potential for spills, and the presence of pets. After that, you can begin to think about your style and budget. This will limit your choices to the best options for your needs.

Some of our popular options for kitchen flooring include:

  • Durable and easy to clean tile. Tile flooring is a popular choice for residential kitchens. Our products include a variety of colors, patterns, and materials such as ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.
  • Warm and elegant hardwood flooring. Hardwood adds a classic touch to a kitchen, but requires more maintenance than other options. It can be prone to scratching and water damage, so make sure to properly seal and maintain it.
  • Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly option that mimics the look of hardwood or tile. Laminate is easy to clean, install and durable. However, it can be prone to scratching and water damage.
  • Vinyl flooring is an affordable and low-maintenance option for kitchens. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors and styles, including options that look like hardwood or tile.

Our experts will help you choose the best floor for your kitchen. We can provide valuable insights into each type of flooring and its benefits. When you visit one of our showrooms, you will be able to gather information to help you make the best decision.

Before meeting with us, consider your priorities in aesthetics, comfort, and usefulness. This will help you find the kitchen flooring that best suits your needs and complements your overall design vision.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood flooring will add a touch of timeless elegance, warmth, and natural beauty to your kitchen. The primary advantage of hardwood is its strength and appearance. Hardwood will withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen environment.

Hardwood kitchen floors offer a solid and sturdy surface that can bear the impact if you drop an appliance. It can also endure heavy foot traffic. Additionally, hardwood floors are easy to clean. These reasons make them a practical choice for a kitchen prone to lots of action, spills, and food splatters.

Another pleasing aspect of hardwood is how versatile it is. Many different looks are available to complement various kitchen styles and designs. Whether your kitchen has a classic, contemporary, or rustic look, hardwood flooring can enhance that style. The wide range of wood species, stains, and finishes will allow you to customize the flooring to suit your needs.

However, hardwood may be prone to moisture damage. Take good care of your hardwood kitchen floor by sealing it and regular maintenance to prevent warping and swelling.

Ultimately, hardwood flooring brings a sense of enduring classic charm to the kitchen. Hardwood will create a welcoming and cohesive atmosphere that stands the test of time. But it will require care and maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring has become a more popular and practical choice for kitchen spaces. High-quality vinyl provides you with style, durability, and a personal touch. Luxury vinyl replicates the look of natural materials like hardwood or stone while providing additional benefits. Benefits like water resistance, stain-resistance, realistic visuals and more.

One primary feature of luxury vinyl is its comfort under your feet. We can provide softer surface options compared to hardwood or tile. This is a major benefit in a space where you might be standing for long periods. Luxury vinyl tile is easy to install with most styles are available in click-and-lock or adhesive-backed formats.

Luxury vinyl kitchen flooring comes in many designs, colors, and patterns. We offer many options for you to choose from so you will be able to achieve the aesthetic look you want. The added benefit is its ability to withstand scratches and dents. This will add to its longevity, making it a good choice for your kitchen.

With the advancements in technology, luxury vinyl flooring has become a top choice for kitchen floors. Our team will help you combine the appeal of luxury with the functionality required in a busy kitchen.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Tile flooring in your kitchen is a practical and stylish choice. It offers so many benefits and choices to meet your aesthetic needs. One of the key benefits is its durability and resistance to stains and spills.

This makes kitchen tile flooring an ideal solution for a high-traffic area prone to messes. Ceramic or porcelain tiles, in particular, provide a solid surface that withstands the demands of a kitchen.

Tile is versatile and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You will be able to achieve diverse designs to meet any look or style. From sleek and modern to classic and timeless, tile flooring adapts seamlessly to various kitchen styles. Also, kitchen tile is moisture-resistant, making it a great choice for a kitchen where water exposure is common.

Maintaining a tile floor is easy. It simply involves regular sweeping and the occasional mopping. These steps will keep it looking clean. Whether it’s the classic look of subway tiles or the fun patterns of mosaic tiles, tile flooring can make your kitchen stand out.

The versatility and resilience of tile flooring make it a popular option for kitchens. We provide kitchen flooring options for every type of kitchen.

Cabinet Discounters Flooring Selection

Conestoga Tile Floor

Conestoga Tile is a distributor of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, glass, and metal tiles. We take great pride in representing the most respected and revered tile factories in the United States, Italy, Spain and other points around the world. Conestoga also takes great pride in providing flooring material with a passion for great customer service. Their unmatched professionalism, expertise and guidance will help you complete your project in no time.

Wickham Flooring

Nothing comes close to the comfort and warmth of hardwood flooring. With Wickham Hardwood Flooring, you’ll enjoy the luxurious sensation of the forest under your feet. Best of all, you’ll add a distinctive look to your surroundings. Wickham Hardwood Flooring, in collaboration with all its partners, commits itself to providing quality products at competitive prices.

Mannington Adura logo

Mannington® ADURA luxury vinyl residential flooring products offer incredible detail, stunning style, and high performance. Available in many sizes, textures, and installation options, ADURA® luxury vinyl flooring delivers award-winning fashion to your home. All featuring Microban® surface protection.