“We are very happy with our new bathrooms”

Are you finding it more and more difficult to function in your bathrooms every day? Maybe they’re too old, too cramped, or just have wasted space. If you are experiencing any of those issues, it may be time to start considering a bathroom remodel project. A local family found themselves in this same position, and they knew it was time to do something about it.

bathroom remodel damascus mdWe decided to remodel because our bathrooms were dated, and  we wanted a bigger shower.”

Having previously used Cabinet Discounters for their kitchen remodel, the family knew exactly where to turn. They went back to our Olney showroom and met with designer Dave Humerick to help them on their way.

“We had used Cabinet Discounters for our kitchen and we knew Dave would help us figure out how to maximize our space. We got other estimates, but felt most confident in the relationship with Cabinet Discounters and Dave. 

Specifically, they were pleased with the products that we offer and the idea that they had someone else running the remodeling process.

bathroom remodel damascus md“We knew their products. We also wanted to have one contact person to go to if we had problems or concerns, instead of having to manage the project on our own.”

Working along with Dave, the customers selected Brighton Cabinetry for their bathrooms. In the master bath, they picked Monroe Flat door style and Maple White color with gray glaze. The hall bathroom features Monroe Flat doors and Maple Iceberg color. The countertops in both bathrooms are Zodiaq Storm Grey quartz. The new bathrooms give them unique features, such as the shower niches that provide the customers with a space to place their shampoo bottles and soap. The master bathroom shower also features a shower seat, and has the quartz top entirely encompassing the bathtub.

We are very happy with our new bathrooms, Dave helped us to develop a timeline to manage the remodel. We added some new touches that I especially liked our Niche and the ledge as well as the bar in the shower are things we use each day.”

bathroom remodel damascus mdIf you are like this family and are looking for a new bathroom in your home, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you! Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

bathroom remodel damascus md