Years of Planning Culminate in A Transformed Kitchen

Check out a customer’s description of her experience working with Cabinet Discounters in Springfield!

DSC_7412-editAlthough the precipitating event was a small flood, I had been pondering renovation for 15 years. There were several problems with the original kitchen. It was too small for my love of cooking, and an unwelcoming place from either side of the peninsula. The boxy soffits were outdated, took up much needed space, and made the kitchen seem tiny, as did the dropped ceiling panels and terrible fluorescent lights.  A major issue was a traffic flow problem between the refrigerator and peninsula, and poorly placed cabinets over the peninsula resulted in much head-banging, obstructing the otherwise open view to the living room. 

I had struggled for years to envision a plan that would solve the kitchen’s design problems. The possibilities opened up dramatically when we decided to shorten a window to move the peninsula out and extend the kitchen. Once this decision was made, I knew I would need excellent design guidance to meet my renovation goals. There were technical needs: Solving the traffic flow problem was non-negotiable. Increasing cabinet space while eliminating cabinets over the peninsula would be a challenge.  Working around an un-movable soffit seemed like a gamble.  I wanted to increase both cabinet space and openness! I needed flexible cabinet dimensions to maximize a deep but irregular space on a load-bearing wall. In addition to the technical hurdles of function,  I had “form” design desires as well. In my colonial-style house with a dim, uninteresting hallway from the front door to the kitchen, I wanted warm, welcoming, furniture-evoking cabinetry to be visible from the entryway. I wanted my kitchen to look clean and bright but not formal. I wanted to hide every single small appliance from view of the living room, and I coveted the deep drawers and pull-outs of modern kitchens. 

DSC_7424-editI chose Cabinet Discounters on the recommendation of a like-minded friend who had just completed a kitchen renovation. Like me, my friend extensively researches any project she begins. She admonished me, “I’ve spent weeks researching. Trust me and save yourself a lot of time. Just go see Katie Kieler at Cabinet Discounters. Don’t look anywhere else.” No kidding, these were her exact words! I am glad I followed her advice, or I would probably still be researching.

Katie (and everyone at the Springfield location) was wonderful to work with. Katie listened to my technical and design needs, and helped me identify the general “feel” I wanted in my kitchen. She understood the functional challenges, and was extraordinarily patient with multiple iterations of ideas and questions. She made suggestions gently, and willingly rendered and re-rendered digital elevations. She patiently fulfilled her promise that we would not be done until I was completely satisfied with every detail, but was responsive to keep me on my construction schedule. She reassured me on a few details that made me nervous, and helped keep us within our budget.

DSC_7400-editI absolutely love my new kitchen. It has transformed the main floor of my house. Even now, 18 months later, I still notice and appreciate the space, light, and ease of use every time I come home, or down the stairs in the morning. I was able to move all my kitchen tools and small appliances within easy reach. An added bonus is that I am much more motivated to clean it—it is rewardingly impressive when pristine. There is now room for eating and chatting around the peninsula, easy communication with those in the living room, and much more room to share meal-preparation and cleanup together. My kitchen used to be the “armpit” of my house, but it is now the heart of my home. 

Thank you so much for your thorough, professional guidance in transforming one of the most used and central spaces in my home. 

This customer selected Brighton Cabinetry for her home. The cabinets have Custom Level doors and a Maple White finish.

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