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Remodel with Smart Home Appliances

A home renovation can be the perfect time to introduce smart appliances to your lifestyle. As you redesign your kitchen, living room, or another space in your home, you can identify areas that can benefit from enhanced technology. Installing a smart appliance can make certain tasks easier to complete, saving you time and stress in the long run.

When you work with a trusted home design expert, you can learn how to incorporate new appliances into the space. Plus, they can ensure that they pair well with the aesthetic of the space. Find more information about smart appliance incorporation in your home when you read on.

Remodel with Smart Home Appliances

Which Smart Appliances Can I Incorporate into My Home?

Many types of smart appliances can easily integrate into your home system by connecting to Wi-Fi and electrical systems. Advancement in home technology allows you to control these appliances remotely through an app on your phone. You can also investigate voice-controlled assistance with these devices.

Each room in your house can benefit from smart technology. A Cabinet Discounters designer can work with you, your appliance distributor, and your contractor to integrate smart appliances into your plan. Examples of smart appliances that you can select for your home include:

  • Smart refrigerator: monitor the contents inside your refrigerator, create alerts when certain items run low, generate a shopping list, and view recipe suggestions.
  • Smart oven: turn on preheating remotely, view cooking updates, and automatically adjust cooking temperatures and times with some oven models.
  • Smart dishwasher: program smart dishwashers to run at specific times for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Smart coffeemaker: simplify your mornings with a pre-programmed coffeemaker that can create your perfect beverage automatically.
  • Home hubs: link the smart appliances in your home in one spot when you install a system hub. These systems can control lighting, temperature, ventilation, and more in your home.

How to Plan for Smart Appliances During Your Home Renovation

Successful incorporation of smart appliances in your home during a renovation project involves careful planning. You will want to select appliances that are compatible with the layout and infrastructure of your home. When you know which devices you would like to install in your home prior to beginning renovation, you can make modifications to your home that will support these appliances if needed.

A home designer can also ensure the appliances complement the style of your home and achieve a final look that is cohesive. With so many types of smart devices available, you will want to work with a design expert to choose the right appliances for your home. The designer can consider your functional goals, budget, and personal preferences. Book an appointment at a Cabinet Discounters showroom to discuss these options with an expert today.