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How to Style Kitchen Cabinets This Year

Planning a kitchen remodel this year? The kitchen serves as a major hub in your home, and you want to make sure the space suits the functional needs of your family. But a renovation also allows you to express your unique style when choosing cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures in your kitchen.

A beautiful kitchen designed to your aesthetic can improve the ambiance, making it an ideal space to gather with friends and family. If you seek inspiration when designing your kitchen, you can speak to a team of experts at Cabinet Discounters.

Our home designers will discuss your goals along with your budget to find the best styles to suit your kitchen. They can also let you know about popular design ideas that can make your kitchen feel fresh and current.

Book an appointment at a Cabinet Discounters showroom by reaching out to our team online. You can also explore three trending styles for kitchen cabinet design when you read on.

How to Style Kitchen Cabinets This Year

Warm-Toned Cabinetry

The kitchen is known as the hearth of a home, so it is no surprise that homeowners prefer warmer colors when designing their new kitchen cabinets. Neutral colors like white remain classic, but richer hues, especially colors that step outside of the usual palette like yellow or olive green, add depth to a room. They can feel both bold and inviting, which will appeal to guests.

Wood material also exerts a warmth that makes it an optimal choice for kitchen cabinet design. White oak and walnut cabinets in particular prove popular in homes this year.

Floating Shelves and Glass Door Cabinets

Home designers note that homeowners are preferring floating shelves or glass door cabinets recently. These cabinets make the kitchen seem more open and spacious. Plus, it allows you an opportunity to display beautiful pots, plates, charcuterie boards, and other kitchenware.

Floating shelves and glass door cabinets marry functionality with aesthetic. You can easily view and access the items you need while cooking. And you can add more unique style by showcasing your desired kitchenware.

Mixed Styles and Textures

Another popular design option for kitchen cabinets is a mix in styles and textures. Blending traditional or vintage elements with modern and contemporary cabinets and appliances brings a desired warmth from retro styles to newer and more functional kitchenware. By incorporating both of these aesthetics, you can have a kitchen that feels both homey and fresh.

A great way to elevate this effect is by introducing a variety of different textures to the space. You can pair warm-toned wood cabinets for instance with metal finishes. The result is a sleek twist that makes your room look intriguing and appealing.

If you are unsure about the best way to blend traditional and modern styles, you can consult with a home design expert at Cabinet Discounters. They can offer advice regarding trending designs as well as your own aesthetic in relation to your specific space. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.