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Check Out 2024’s Bathroom Design Trends

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? During a bathroom remodel, you want to marry function and aesthetics in a manner that suits the needs of your household. A design consultant at Cabinet Discounters can explain the cabinet, countertop, and flooring options that can maximize the practicality and style of this important space in your home.

They can also tell you about popular design ideas that can make your bathroom feel fresh as well as cohesive. Call our home design experts today to book an appointment at one of our showrooms. And read on to check out some of the bathroom design trends that many homeowners are exploring in 2024.

Check Out 2024's Bathroom Design Trends

Modern Meets Nature in Bathroom Design

Clean and contemporary styles for a bathroom remain timeless and trendy. But the sterile, all-white coloring in bathrooms is no longer a popular aesthetic this year. Instead, homeowners are using earth tones to add a warm, nature-inspired atmosphere to their bathrooms.

This can translate to gold-colored metal accents or green hues on the bathroom walls or floors. Green can bring a calming effect to the space. The color also evokes a connection with nature and the environment, which can promote an improved sense of health and wellness.

Light-Colored Vanities

A well-designed bathroom vanity will maximize storage efficiency and function within the room while also achieving your style goals. Homeowners have been choosing lighter colors for their new vanities rather than dark, painted finishes. A lighter countertop and cabinet color can make the bathroom feel more spacious, open, and appealing.

People are also selecting light-colored quartz materials for the countertop of these vanities over natural finishes. The material mimics the appearance of beautiful stone while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

Patterned Tile Flooring

When it comes to bathroom flooring, tiled options remain popular. But many people are selecting bold patterns in their tile design rather than a more solid or monochrome finish. A herringbone or mosaic-style tiling, for instance, can give the room an exciting and unique texture.

You should note that homeowners are also looking for bathroom flooring that is easy to clean. They are opting for tiles with minimal or no grout lines. This can also result in a smoother and more uniform appearance in your flooring, which can provide an elegant and aesthetically pleasing effect.

Upgraded Bathroom Features

As you remodel the layout and style of your bathroom, you may want to take the opportunity to update the fixtures in this room too. Consider adding seating or fancy showerheads to your shower to enhance your bathing experience.

You might also build a water closet, a separate room designated for a toilet. This adds additional privacy and a sense of cleanliness to your bathroom.

Don’t forget lighting during your bathroom remodel project. You will want to install lighting that illuminates workspaces like your sink and vanity. But many people are upgrading to LED backlit mirrors, which reduce the harshness of overhead lighting while still making your bathroom functional. Learn more bathroom design tips when you give Cabinet Discounters a call.