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How to Design Your Mudroom

A mudroom refers to a space within your house near an entrance that establishes a comfortable transition between the exterior and the interior of your home. Its name stems from the concept of allowing residents and guests to remove muddy boots or outerwear before entering the living area of a house.

Adding a mudroom to your home can help you keep your home clean as well as organized. If you would like to designate a new mudroom in your house or remodel an existing one, careful planning will allow you to fully utilize this space and make it comfortable, useful, and welcoming.

A home designer at Cabinet Discounters can help you sort your goals and budget and maximize function in your mudroom. Read on to find tips from design experts that can enhance your planning process as you build a mudroom in your home.

How to Design Your Mudroom

Plan for Practicality

When designing your mudroom, you should first consider how you intend to use the space. Make sure you incorporate plenty of storage for outerwear, including coat hooks and shoe racks. You should note whether you intend to stow outerwear in this space year-round or rotate clothing items seasonally.

The space may benefit from installing a bench where you and your family may sit to remove shoes with ease. Consider other items you intend to store in this space, such as gardening supplies or a bicycle. A home designer can suggest cabinetry options that can achieve your goals when it comes to storage and function.

Consider Location

A mudroom traditionally is located near an entrance to your home. But it does not have to be built at your front door. You may benefit from a mudroom close to a side or rear entrance to your house. For instance, you might intend to garden in the backyard and would prefer changing out of gardening gear and stowing supplies closer to this area.

It may be a good idea to build a mudroom close to a laundry room. This way, you can easily transfer dirty clothes to a washer without carrying them through your home. You can also discuss the possibility of including laundry facilities in the mudroom with your home designer.

Choose Durable Finishes

A mudroom can become dirty easily due to its proximity to the outdoors. So you will want to choose finishes for your floors and cabinets that will withstand this mess. Select durable materials that can resist scuffs and dents and that allow you to easily wipe away dirt.

You should also look for flooring. Then you do not have to worry about water damage in the space during rainy weather. Talk to a home designer to learn about the materials that will work best in a mudroom that can also suit your style. When you schedule a consultation at Cabinet Discounters, a representative can also talk to you about lighting strategies, cleaning and maintenance, and more.