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Best Floor Materials for Your Home

When planning a renovation in your home, you will consider the use of the room in question, the type of construction in your home, your family size, and your desired aesthetic. The right flooring material for your kitchen or bathroom will achieve each of your goals without issue.

A home design expert at Cabinet Discounters can walk you through the pros and cons of each type of flooring, especially in relation to the specific rooms in your house. Book your showroom appointment at a location near you today to get this process started. You can also read on to discover which materials will work best for the floors in different rooms in your home.

Best Floor Materials for Your Home

Choose Durable Flooring for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will see a great amount of activity as you prepare and store meals for you and your family in this room throughout the day. Therefore, you will want to select flooring material for this space that is appropriate for the traffic level in your kitchen.

Modern luxury vinyl flooring may suit your kitchen. It is affordable while still remaining an aesthetically pleasing design for your home. The waterproof material ensures an easy clean-up of spills. This is ideal for busy families who need forgiving, easy-to-clean floors. A wide range of colors and patterns are available.

Hardwood makes for a more traditional flooring material for your kitchen, and it remains popular. It will look beautiful with many styles of cabinets and countertops, whether you want a rustic or a contemporary aesthetic. This classic look may require a little more awareness when it comes to cleaning spills.

Review Moisture-Resistant Flooring Options for the Bathroom

Your bathroom will see a lot of water usage. You could spill water from the sink, tub, or shower onto the floors in this room easily. And hot showers could accrue a great amount of steam. So when choosing flooring for your bathroom, make sure to consider a moisture-resistant option.

Ceramic tile remains one of the best and most popular materials for flooring in bathroom designs. Both durable and waterproof, you can see long-lasting benefits from this type of flooring. It is frequently chosen for both primary and hall bathrooms, but you should discuss the cost of the material with your home designer.

Luxury vinyl can also make for a good flooring option in a bathroom. The material is easy to clean and wipe up wet spots, meaning you can keep the room sanitary and safe. Plus, the vinyl will resist moisture damage.

Your home designer can discuss the benefits of each type of flooring when it comes to style and function when you schedule a visit to a showroom. They can tell you more about the durability and required maintenance you can expect from each material. Then they can help you select the best flooring based on your needs and your budget.