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Build the Ideal Coffee Station

More than half of all adults in the United States consider a cup of coffee to be a staple in their daily routine. When you make coffee at home, you want the process to run smoothly. The layout of your kitchen can make this routine simpler. If you set aside space in your kitchen for assembling your coffee, you can elevate this experience to boost accessibility, comfort, and style.

Meet with a designer to determine how your preferences can align with your kitchen layout to give you the luxurious coffee station of your dreams. Read on to find three ideas from your home design experts at Cabinet Discounters that can inspire you to build the perfect coffee station in your kitchen.

Build the Ideal Coffee Station

Plan for Accessory Storage

Your coffee station can store more than your coffee maker. If you use coffee pods, frothers, flavored syrups, tea bags, and other materials when making your coffee, you want these items to be kept in one location for easy access. Take note of the accessories you use in your coffee routine so that you know how much storage you would like in this area of your kitchen.

This preparation ensures that you can keep your coffee station tidy and organized. You can have adequate shelving to collect your items. You might also benefit from installing drawers or other storage capabilities in this space in your kitchen. An expert designer can help you prioritize your preferences, so schedule a consultation at a Cabinet Discounters showroom today.

Consider Cabinet Doors for Concealment

Leaving your coffee maker on your counter may seem like an easy way to reach your appliance. But you might not always want this device on display. You may prefer to incorporate cabinet doors when you build a coffee station so that you can conceal your accessories when not in use.

Installing doors for your coffee station will give you the option to keep these materials out of sight without needing to find alternative locations for your accessories. You can choose a lift-up door or pocket doors for this type of cabinet in order to maximize space in this corner of your kitchen. Discuss cabinetry colors and designs with a professional to find the right option to suit your aesthetic and functional needs.

Install Additional Lighting

You can add lighting to your coffee station to illuminate the area and better see what you are doing as you make your coffee. If you try to brew coffee early in the morning, this extra lighting can be useful to make it easier to complete your usual routine. Then you will not accidentally use the wrong tools because the station is shrouded in shadow.

Installing lighting under a shelf or cabinet can highlight this specific area of your kitchen. It can improve accessibility in this space as well as showcase your beautiful coffee station if you want to display mugs and other coffee-related accessories. Learn about additional fixtures for your coffee station by contacting Cabinet Discounters.