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Try Colorful Kitchen Cabinets with a White Palette

White tends to be a popular color in kitchen design. White walls and counters can make the room appear brighter and cleaner. This can then let the space feel more welcoming and appealing, a sentiment many people hope to achieve for this hub of their home.

But a kitchen with only white accents might seem bland or sterile. A great way to add style and energy to your kitchen is through vibrant cabinet colors. Choosing blue or green colors for your cabinetry will make an impact in the room without going overboard. Read on to learn how varying shades of blue and green can enhance your kitchen cabinets in different ways.

Make a Statement with Cobalt Blue Cabinets

A bright and bold shade of cobalt blue for cabinets will pair well with white elsewhere in your kitchen. The vibrant blue provides a striking contrast against crisp white accents that can achieve a fresh, contemporary effect.

This color allows for a fun and energetic way to express your style. And blue is a soothing and classic color that will seem inviting without being too jarring to the eye.

splash of color with cabinetry in kitchen

Consider Classic Navy for Your Cabinets

A more reserved way to add color to your white kitchen is to choose navy cabinets. This tone provides a richer, deeper, and warmer effect than lighter hues of blue might accomplish. It is a classic, reliable color option that can give your kitchen a sophisticated finish.

The contrast between the darker blue cabinets and the white of the rest of the room will look beautiful and dazzling. Navy can also be enhanced well with metallic or wood accents.

Emerald Green Cabinets Energize Your Kitchen

Green offers a similarly attractive, cool-toned appeal as blue, and if you want to add color to your kitchen, emerald green cabinetry could be the perfect choice for your space. This vivid color is both invigorating and playful.

When paired with white in the counters, walls, and other areas of the kitchen, green cabinets will look sleek and elegant. This can work well with golden-toned wood floors or gold accents too.

Depending on your style preference, you can use this color to achieve a more traditional aesthetic or a modern one. Consult with a kitchen design expert to learn about the style options that could work within your home.

Soften Your Kitchen with Olive Green Cabinets

Olive green has a yellower and warmer hue than a traditional green. Choosing this color for your kitchen cabinets can give a more subtle aesthetic to the room, making the space seem more calming. Pairing olive green cabinetry with a white palette for the rest of the kitchen generates an inviting, soothing effect.

This color works best with a softer white rather than the crisp finish that more vibrant shades might achieve. It still provides a pop of color that will look bright and gorgeous with white countertops.