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Can I Add an Island to My Kitchen?

A kitchen island refers to a freestanding cabinet unit that is accessible from all sides and unbounded by any walls. This fixture can add storage, counter space, and seating to your kitchen. It can also complement the style of your other cabinets.

Though an island can be highly advantageous for your kitchen, not everyone would benefit from this feature. Consult with kitchen design experts before installing this type of cabinet in your home to learn if it will suit your unique needs. Read on to learn more about factors you should consider before adding an island to your kitchen.

island in kitchen remodel project

Do I Have Enough Space in My Kitchen for an Island?

A major element impacting whether an island will suit your kitchen is whether you have enough space for it. Ideally, you would need at least 42 inches between your countertops. This way, both counters can be used without crowding.

When you remodel your kitchen, you want to maximize the functionality of the room. Though more counter space will seem to accomplish this, you might do the opposite if the space between the counters is too narrow. A home designer can look at your space and let you know if you have enough room for an island.

They can also check that the island will not disrupt the kitchen floor plan. For instance, an island that blocks the refrigerator, stove, or other features of the room might make your kitchen hard to navigate. Meeting with a professional before you install the island can help you avoid this problem.

If you have an irregularly shaped kitchen, you might find it difficult to tell if there is enough space for an island. A designer can check the measurements and help you find the best option for your room.

Consider the purpose you would like for your island too. Whether you intend to use it for storage, preparing food, or serving meals will factor into the sizing of the island.

What Other Kitchen Designs Can I Choose Rather Than an Island?

If you do not have enough space for an island in your kitchen, you and your designer can find other ways to create a similar effect in this room. For instance, if you want more storage in your kitchen, consider floor-to-ceiling cabinets or a hutch. Your designer will help you find storage capabilities within your space that you might not have considered before.

Smaller kitchens might benefit from a peninsula. This fixture is similar to an island except that it connects to your existing cabinets and counters. You can enjoy the additional space without worrying that you will overcrowd your kitchen. The peninsula can also create seating space within your kitchen as an island would.

Some people desire an island in their kitchen to separate the room from a dining area or other part of the house that would otherwise be open. A peninsula can accomplish this goal too. Ask your home designer about other ways you can get the most out of your kitchen makeover project.