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Kitchen Design Trends for Summer 2022

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen this summer? If you are stuck on which styles to try during your kitchen makeover, you can talk to your local homeware expert. Scheduling a showroom appointment will allow you to look through design options and learn which styles you prefer.

Some people want to stick to reliable classic looks in their kitchen. However, your cabinetry experts can let you know about style trends that can give your kitchen a modern finish. Read on to learn about three popular kitchen design ideas that you can consider for your home this summer.

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White Cabinetry

If you are getting new cabinets in your kitchen, you should consider which color you would like them to be. Choosing white for your cabinets can make your kitchen feel both brighter and cleaner.

This color is a classic option and is able to match and highlight other fixtures in your kitchen well. But white will also provide a modern and trendy twist to your kitchen. It is neutral in its appearance while also being fresh and versatile.

If you do choose white cabinetry for your kitchen, you should prepare to clean more frequently. White will display dirt and stains more easily, so you may find yourself wiping down your cabinets more often than if you chose a darker color.

Glazed Tile Backsplashes

A great way to add a personalized and stylish touch to your kitchen is to install backsplash tiling in the space between your countertops and the bottom of your cabinets. Tiling can add texture and accents to a room, and you can choose from a variety of colors and materials to achieve your ideal finish.

Many people prefer a glazed and glossy finish to their backsplash rather than a matte one. While matte finishes can seem softer and more casual, glossy backsplashes can have a more elegant and polished appearance. The glaze can also better hide smudges or stains better than a matte backsplash.

Metallic Accents

Modern kitchen designs are incorporating metal accents to give a sleek and luxurious feel to a room. Alternatively, if you want a more industrial or rustic atmosphere in the kitchen, metallic accents can help you accomplish that aesthetic as well.

For ideas on how to incorporate metal in your kitchen, you can consult a homeware expert during a scheduled appointment. They can consider your style goals and give advice on how this material will help you feel satisfied with the way that your kitchen looks.

You can use this material in many parts of your kitchen, including cabinet and door handles, lamps and other fixtures, and edges throughout the room. You may also use these accents to tie in metallic appliances that you would like to highlight in the room. This will result in a cohesive finish that is both stylish and functional.

Many people also appreciate that metal is easy to clean. You can wipe down metal with ease and without worrying about the material staining.