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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Bathroom

Spring’s arrival means that you can enjoy pleasant weather. More sunshine and warmer temperatures can renew your energy, which encourages many people to spring clean their homes. The tradition of spring cleaning can make you feel more at ease in your space and can provide health benefits by removing the harmful accumulation of pollutants from your house.

Your bathroom requires regular cleaning of toilets, tubs, and showers, but you can give this room a more thorough cleansing this spring, paying close attention to the other fixtures and hardware in this space. Cabinet Discounters, a home design and wholesale company serving customers in Maryland and Virginia, lists three ways to freshen up your bathroom.

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Reorganize Your Cabinets

Bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms in a house, and you may find yourself storing a wide variety of items in your cabinets. This may mean that you have expired ointments or broken hygienic tools in your possession that you can throw away.

You should remove all items from your cabinets and drawers and toss whatever items you no longer need. This can free up a great deal of space that will allow you easier access to your belongings.

This can also prove a useful opportunity to evaluate the storage capabilities in your bathroom. If you need more space, you may want to consider installing new cabinets.

Deep Clean Your Countertops

To keep the countertops in your bathroom looking their best, you should wipe them down with a soft cloth or sponge every day. Water droplets or spillage from makeup, toothpaste, or other products could damage the counter surface if it remains.

Deep cleaning your counters can ensure that their structure will last longer and will remove lingering germs or other substances. You can spray your counters with a cleaning solution and wipe them with a cloth. However, you should consider the material of your countertops and use the appropriate cleaning method for them to avoid accidentally harming the surface.

Mop Your Floors

Your bathroom floors can become dirty with its frequent usage, so you should spend time getting this part of the room into shape during your spring cleaning process. Bath mats and rugs should be laundered or otherwise cleaned.

Then you can vacuum or sweep your floors to remove larger accumulated particles, especially in corners and under your sink. Finally, you should mop the floors if they are made of tile or linoleum to get rid of scuffs, stains, and more. Taking care of your flooring can make it resist structural damage, allowing it to last longer.

Find Countertops, Cabinets, and More for Your Bathroom

Cabinet Discounters can help you find new cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more for your bathroom. If you plan to remodel your kitchen, living room, or other space in your home, consult with our design experts. To schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms, contact our office by phone at 1.800.843.3732 or reach a member of our staff online.