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The Cabinet Discounters Process

At Cabinet Discounters, we want to make sure our customers are reassured throughout every aspect of our process. Whether you’re getting Columbia kitchen cabinets or are getting new countertops in the bathroom, Cabinet Discounters will make sure you’re getting what you desire every step of the way.columbia kitchen cabinets

About Our Process

Every installation job is different. We want to make sure we’re helping you find the exact pieces you need to bring your room together. Free estimates are offered to help you ensure you can get exactly what you want with Cabinet Discounters. Everything we display in our showrooms is something that we would install in one of our own homes.

Once you’ve made your choice and want to move forward, we plan out the installation process. We provide professional installation that meets the highest standards. Since every job is different, each one can have a different timeline to completion. However, on average, we expect a full installation job to take about 3-4 weeks.

Installation Preparation

To prepare for new cabinets, there has to be room for them. Before our crew can come in to start install and assembly, the old cabinets will have to be fully emptied. It’s important that there aren’t large hazards in the way that can make things difficult for our crew. Make sure that the room is as clear as possible around the area where installation will be taking place.

Tear Out

The old has to come out before we put in the new. Any existing cabinets and countertops will be removed and taken out of the home, depending on what we’re installing. We’ll make sure to do a professional job and take care not to create a mess in your house or damage anything during the process.


Now comes the fun part! A carpenter, plumber, electrician, and any other contractors will perform prep work to make sure installation goes smoothly. This is the rough-ins phase, where everything is going to be laid out, but the final connections won’t be made until more stages of the process are complete.

After this, any countertops, cabinets, and moldings are installed. The plumbing and electrical work that was started in the rough-ins phase will be completed. If you’re getting new fixtures and flooring as well, this will be completed. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new setup!

Getting Columbia Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Discounters makes remodeling convenient by allowing you to get your cabinets, countertops, hardware, and flooring all in one place. Call us or schedule a showroom consultation online.