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Matching Your Countertops and Cabinets

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you want to make sure everything in the kitchen matches and puts off the atmosphere you’re looking for. How do you know the best countertop style to go with the color of cabinets you’re leaning towards? Cabinet Discounters, providers of Columbia kitchen cabinets and other surfaces, offers some advice.columbia kitchen cabinets

Think of a Color Scheme

What color scheme are you thinking for your entire kitchen? This can give you a good place to start for the base elements in your kitchen. For example, if you’re thinking of getting white kitchen cabinets, you want to bring in a bit of color with the countertops. It’s important to match colors, without going overboard with one.

White and gray are two of the most popular colors used in kitchens because they’re neutral. It makes it easy to bring in color with kitchen accessories or your countertops. Even if you decide you want a monochromatic color scheme, you’ll want to get various shades of that color to make sure it doesn’t all look uniform and boring.

It’s all about contrast and finding the perfect balance. With white cabinets, it can be ideal to choose a countertop that’s another color but has flecks of white in it. You can also do a white countertop that’s swirled and mixed with another color. Lastly, white cabinets can give you the freedom to do a solid color countertop as well. The backsplash can have a mix of that color and white to tie it all together.

Pick Complimentary Materials

The most common material for cabinets is wood. The wood you choose can set the tone for the entire kitchen. Certain kinds of wood have more knots and look rougher than other types. If you’re looking for a rustic feel, using one of these types of wood free of paint can give you the atmosphere you’re looking for.

For a more modern look, you’ll want to choose a wood with a sleek, even texture. This is easy to paint whatever color you’d like. Particularly for a modern look, there are other materials besides wood as well. They’re usually a rarer choice for cabinets, but you may find that they’re perfect for your style. Decorative laminate or plywood can be surprisingly appealing choices for cabinets.

The choice for your countertop material is just as important. Popular choices include granite and quartz, as they’re both beautiful and durable. Choosing a countertop that has a swirl or flecks of your cabinet color can be a great way to blend. Corian countertops are another solid option. They have over 100 colors, with built-in sinks and a seamless surface, making a sleek choice for a modern kitchen.

Columbia Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

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