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2013 Kitchen Design Trends: White Kitchens

Spring is here! Time to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Spring is also the most popular time to start kitchen remodeling projects. With the popularity of sites like Pinterest and Houzz, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with kitchen design ideas.

Cabinet Discounters is here to help. We work with homeowners and builders from all over Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, constantly keeping an eye on the latest design trends in kitchen remodeling. We’re kicking on our 2013 Kitchen Design Trend series with a tried and true favorite: White Kitchens.

White kitchens have been a top trend in kitchen remodeling for several year now. Homeowners gravitate towards white because of its ability to make a room seem brighter and bigger and the versatility that comes with choosing white as the primary color for a room. Here are some of the top advantages to choosing a white kitchen:

White Kitchens Are Colorful

A common myth is that white kitchens are boring. One could argue that white kitchens actually have the most potential to be exciting and colorful than any other kitchen design. When you select white kitchen cabinets for your remodeling project, you’re opening yourself up to a wide range of options for hardware, appliance finishes, flooring, countertops and paint colors.

In a white kitchen, small uses of color can have a dramatic impact. Details that usually go overlooked such as upholstery and decor can take center stage in a white kitchen.

White Kitchens Are Style Neutral

Whether your style is modern or traditional or somewhere in between, there’s a white kitchen for you. For those who want a modern kitchen design, choose white cabinets with clean, simple lines. White cabinets are also well suited for those who like a cottage style kitchen. If you prefer a traditional, old world feel, choose a white or off white cabinet accented by beautiful, rustic kitchen cabinet hardware.

White Kitchens Are Airy

One of the primary reason for choosing a white kitchen is that they are more bright and airy. Choosing white cabinets can make a space look larger, something that is especially helpful in a small kitchen. White cabinets reflect the light, making the room look more open.

Another kitchen design trend in kitchen cabinets are glass doors. Not only are glass doors stylish, but they enhance the sense of openness in a kitchen.

White Kitchens Are Clean

Another draw of white kitchens is that they seem brighter, cleaner and more organized. Some homeowners will argue that white cabinets are easier to clean than their counterparts.

Of course, actually keeping the kitchen clean is up to the homeowner, but having a pure look to start with can be the motivation that is needed to maintain the clean appearance.

Visit our Photo Gallery to get more kitchen design ideas. There, you’ll find more white kitchens along with other popular choices for kitchen remodeling projects. To get started with Cabinet Discounters, visit one of our convenient showrooms or schedule an appointment online.