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Problem-Solving Kitchen Design

When you undertake a major kitchen remodeling project, you have a great opportunity to completely rethink the design your kitchen. Too many people get bogged down with nitty-gritty choices and decisions (appliances, colors, flooring, etc.) at the expense of spending a significant amount of time on the most important choices you will make – the layout of your new kitchen.

Use this opportunity to solve any problems you had to deal with in the past and think about the possibilities of what you would like in the future. Don’t repeat with new cabinetry the same problems you had with your current kitchen. Make a list (in writing – not in your mind) of the things you dislike or that work poorly in your current kitchen. Make a second list of all the things that you would like to have and to do in your new kitchen. As your new kitchen design develops, check it carefully for functionality, storage, entertaining, and traffic flow. And, most important of all, does it solve old problems and address your desires?

An experienced kitchen designer can be extremely helpful in developing your new design. They can make helpful suggestions and give advice that can prevent making errors that might not become apparent until the job is complete. Be very selective in your choice of designer. An excellent designer will spend time getting to know you and your family; how you live, cook, entertain, etc. And, don’t hesitate to ask for references and to see photos of some of their completed jobs. A good kitchen design is the product of team work, never the inspiration of some “expert” who really doesn’t even know you or your family.

In addition to making the lists suggested above, consider using the lifestyle survey available at This survey will help you consider many aspects of how you live in your home and can suggest many things you might not otherwise consider. You can bring your survey to any of the six convenient Cabinet Discounters’ showrooms in Maryland and Virginia. An experienced designer can give you great advice and show you the many quality products from which to choose. When you purchase your cabinetry and countertops from Cabinet Discounters, there is no charge for the valuable assistance you will receive from our experienced designers. We are happy to coordinate the installation with your contractors or we can install it for you.