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Inspiration for your new remodel

When the time comes to finally start that remodel you’ve been putting off, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s very important to think of putting things and style choices in your space that you absolutely love and are inspired by! So, what inspires you?

There’s no telling what has most influenced your kitchen remodel wishlist. Maybe memories of your grandma’s kitchen or the kitchen on the set of a situation comedy. We know this: When you’re in the market for something, you suddenly start taking notice of things that catch your fancy:

Wow! Shelving for my family-size warehouse buys!
So THAT’S where I can I hide the towel rack!
Love those refrigerator drawers for fruits and veggies!
You mean you can mix colors of wood in the kitchen cabinetry?!
Hey, I want chop and drop counterspace… chop the veggies and drop ’em right into the pot on the cooktop!
Hmmm… Just a nook for a kitchen office, right THERE!
Keep the butler, but give me that butler’s pantry!

The possibilites are endless and completely up to you! Take note of things you love and keep track of them in a notebook or online so you will have something concrete to show the remodelers.