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What To Expect During an Installation

New cabinets add to the looks of a kitchen and improve home values. Before your installation starts, there are a few small things to know. Here is a list so that you are ready for your new kitchen:

Stage One — Preparation
1. Prior to the start of the job, existing cabinets should be emptied, and contents need to be stored in another room. The refrigerator may also need to be moved.

2. Make an area in an adjacent room to place your new cabinets and appliances. This room will act as a staging area, and it should have access to the outdoors. Please have your new appliances delivered before the project begins and put them in the staging area.

3. Even though we work hard to eliminate dust, it is impossible to keep all dust from escaping. For this reason, it is essential to cover furniture, electronics and other valuables. Rugs should be removed from floors and stored out of the way. In addition, pictures and framed wall art may be disturbed by the construction project. Removing these items is the proactive way to prevent damage.

4. Pets need to be in a safe place and out of the work area.

Stage Two
During the first stage, your old cabinets will be removed. You may want to be onsite for the start to ensure installers have specific instructions. Normally, we remove the cabinets on the first day. If you want to keep anything, please tag it and let our installers know. New cabinets are delivered on the first or second day, and you will need a check or credit card to make the contract’s second payment.

Stage Three
This is the installation phase, and our team can usually complete the job in three to four weeks.

Week One: during the first week the old cabinets are removed, and the area is prepped. This includes ensuring a smooth floor and wall surface.
Week Two: During the second week, the project is coming along, and the cabinets, molding and trim are installed.
Week Three: This is the final week, and plumbing, backsplashes and countertops are installed.
Week Four: Week four is for large jobs, and our team makes minor adjustments and repairs.