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How To Choose Countertops For Your Home

Countertops are a very important feature of a homes’ bathrooms and kitchen. They can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the room. Because there are so many types, choosing the right kind of countertops for your home can be a big process. This is especially true if you have no idea what you are looking for.

When searching for countertops, a number of factors come into play. They are the cost, weight, durability, visual appeal and the required upkeep. The most important factor is your preference. Next will be discussed the top options when it comes to styles of countertops that are available.


The Corian style countertops are great because they are very easy to keep clean. They are also very sanitary because they are non-porous. This means that liquids can not penetrate it and no mold or mildew will be able to grow on it. It is also highly resistant to stains and scratches.


Countertops made of granite are a popular choice. They are manufactured from a very durable material that is affordable and elegant. They require little maintenance and can last a long time.


Cambria offers a safe surface with numerous beautiful colors to choose from. It is extremely easy to take care of and it has a practically non-absorbent surface.

Silestone, CaesarStone, and DuPont Zodiaq

Each of these surfaces are made from natural quartz stone. They offer the most in elegance and durability. Quartz is a very strong mineral and makes great countertops that are stain and crack resistant and can withstand chemicals and heat. They are the ideal choice for carefree countertops.


These types of countertops offer solid acrylic surfaces. They are affordable and very easy to maintain. They are chemical and stain resistant and can be easily maintained using just soap and water. Meganite is also a hygienic material that does not absorb liquids, foods, odors or bacteria.