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The Many Benefits of a Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is an investment. Updating increases the value of the home. However, there are many reasons other than increasing the value of the home to remodel. Homeowners never have enough cabinet or counter top space in the kitchen or bathroom. The money invested in a kitchen or bath remodel will show a return when it comes time to sell.

Cabinets and counter tops like any appliance can become outdated. The bathroom and kitchen are the focal points in any home. Prospective home buyers decide based on how they liked the kitchen and bath. Homeowners that love to have dinner parties will find preparation is less of a chore with enough counter top space. Now all the kitchen gadgets gathering dust somewhere finally have a place on the counter top.

Bathrooms never have enough cabinet space, picking and installing the right cabinets gets everything off the vanity. Professional installers can show the homeowner where they can increase storage and enhance the look. Newly designed cabinet systems can increase storage capacity, without taking up precious room. Cabinets that are sagging and overloaded can be a safety issue.

Properly designed counters will increase work space without taking away valued space in the kitchen. Adding a wall or removing a wall is always a possibility a complete remodel can expand the possibilities. Many homeowners like an open floor plan and removing a wall adds openness. Adding counter top space maintains the openness desired.

When deciding on new cabinets consider color and wood type. Solid wood cabinets can come stained or natural. Homeowners may want their cabinets painted to color coordinate with the walls. Each solid-wood cabinet will be unique because of natural wood grains, staining, and varnishing will not only help protect the wood it will add depth and character.

What could be more elegant than a solid marble bathroom counter top? Marble comes in many colors, and each piece has its own character no two pieces are alike. Marble is durable and easily maintained. Marble can be pre-cut to fit any vanity and plumbing hardware. Marble vanities can be one piece with a sink well or cut to fit a sink. Updating a kitchen or bathroom with new cabinets and counters is money well spent.