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How Do I Get Started To Remodel My Kitchen?

Designing a kitchen is truly a collaborative effort between you and your designer – you are a team. The designer provides the professional knowledge and years of experience with actual outcomes. Only you can answer questions about your family needs, preferences, taste, and especially the cost. Cabinet Discounters has a Lifestyle Survey on their website which helps you assess the many considerations you need to take into account in designing a kitchen that will truly serve your family’s needs and desires.

The best way to get a quick start on your kitchen project is to make a rough drawing of your kitchen the way it looks right now. Use graph paper and jot down the scale, such as one square equals six inches. Start measuring from a corner and work around your room. Be sure to note positions of windows, doors, appliances and the sink. You can download a free copy of Cabinet Discounters’ Kitchen Planning Guide. This will give you a graph and some additional instruction. Next make an appointment to meet with a designer. You can find Cabinet Discounters’ showroom phone numbers, locations and hours at Cabinet Discounters.

Your drawing will help your designer get an idea of the space and scope of your project. They can then give you a realistic range of costs depending on the products you choose. If you already have a budget in mind, this will help them to show your products appropriate for your budget.

Some people have no idea of a budget amount when they first inquire. Your designer can help give you a price range, but the final decision of how much to spend is entirely up to you. The fact is that some people spend more and some spend less than they first imagine. But to best help your narrow your focus when choosing products, you really need a budget. To help you get started, check out Cabinet Discounters