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The Challenges of Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom is much different than remodeling a kitchen in many respects. First the space is usually much smaller than a kitchen. This presents a number of challenges. The tear out can be a lot more difficult. Imagine removing a large fiberglass tub/shower unit. It won’t fit through the door or window. Many tubs present the same problem and the installer must resort to cutting things into smaller pieces for removal. In fact, all of the debris removed must be taken away by hand in small pieces or in 5 gallon buckets. This slows down the work and adds to the final cost.

This smaller space also has an impact on the new products you will select for your remodeled bathroom. Again, they must fit through the existing door or window. New construction can avoid this issue if the products are moved into place before the walls are finished, but a remodel doesn’t have that convenience.

Another restriction caused by the confined space is not being able to have different trades working at the same time. Your carpenter, plumber, electrician, flooring installer, and countertop installer cannot possibly work at the same time – there just isn’t enough room. Each trade will have to be scheduled into the space individually and be coordinated with each other. For example, the plumber and electrician need to perform some of their work while the walls are still open. Then they must return at a later time to install the sink, toilet, or lighting fixtures. There just is no “wiggle room” and each needs the small space entirely to themselves to complete their particular work.

Cabinet Discounters’ experienced designers understand the process and can assist you with the necessary planning to make your job run as smoothly as possible. They can help you with the selection of products for your project and warn you of potential pitfalls, both in product selection and installation. Whether you use Cabinet Discounters’ installers, your own contractor, or do it yourself, your Cabinet Discounters designer is there to help you through the entire process. And remember, when you purchase your products from Cabinet Discounters, there is no additional charge for the design services.

Cabinet Discounters has everything you need to create a spectacular new bathroom in your home. You can find contact information for Cabinet Discounters’ showrooms on the website Showrooms page. Stop in any time or better yet call for an appointment for your free consultation.