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Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Whether prepping your home for sale or renovating for your own comfort and satisfaction, a well appointed bathroom remodel can add both value and beauty to your home. From simple and small changes to all out additions and tear downs, a bathroom renovation of any size should always be carefully planned before beginning.

Things like color choice and types of fixtures as well as appointments and placement of tub, sink and toilet are all crucial to the design and comfortable layout of your bathroom renovation project. Also be aware of choices in flooring, vanity and backsplash options. Many of these items, in particular, are available in solid surface materials such as granite, quartz, stone and manufactured materials like Corian and acrylic.

Cabinetry cannot be overlooked when remodeling your bathroom. From more modern style options which offer smooth and seamless doors and drawer fronts, to more traditional or classic styles in natural wood tones with inlaid accents resembling built in furniture pieces, the once simple and sterile bathroom design has become a model of comfort and retreat.

After primary choices of the above have been done, the choice of using a qualified contractor or tackling the project yourself should be considered. For large bathroom remodels involving complicated plumbing replacement, electrical work or wall removals, a licensed contractor should be used. For smaller projects such as vanity, sink and toilet replacement along with simple painting and lighting tasks, a do-it-yourself job, with maybe a friend or two, is completely feasible.

If unsure of your remodeling choices, turn to professional trade magazines which specialize in bathrooms and remodeling. Look for color choice and styles of fixtures, lighting options and overall layout. If need be, consult with a design specialist and contractor experienced in bathroom remodeling and renovation to better judge your choices.

After your design choices have been made, plan an alternate bathroom for everyday use. Depending upon the amount of renovation being done, you could be without this room anywhere from a few days, to several weeks. It’s best to plan ahead before remodeling begins to avoid any problems along the way.

Once larger items like the tub, toilet, sink, cabinetry and vanity have been applied, you’ll be better able to judge the smaller appointments such as lighting and knobs as well as wall color. Choosing these smaller details will truly add a distinct and personal style to your newly remodeled bathroom.