Why Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

This is a question in the minds of most homeowners as they consider the prospect of a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen remodeling is not only a sizeable investment, it is also a commitment of time and energy. It makes sense to know the reasons for doing it!

The good news is there are many reasons to remodel a kitchen and most of the time, the benefits of the completed project far outweigh the cost, both in terms of finances and in terms of effort, energy, and dust!
These reasons can often be broken-up into two categories, financial investment and lifestyle improvement.

The Financial Benefits

A well done kitchen remodel can reap many rewards financially, such as:

Improved Resale Value – It is very common for folks to remodel the kitchen with plans to move out the day it’s done! They know that a modern kitchen with an updated look will mean extra money at the closing table.

Faster Time To Sale – in the modern housing market, sometimes the issue isn’t as much about the total amount of the sale price as it is to do with how long it takes to sell. Realtors say that two of the most important components in a buyers reaction to a home are the kitchen and master bath. In a competitive market, having a nice kitchen could be the leg-up you need!

Reduced Energy Cost – This is a financial benefit to the owner remodeling with plans to stay put. Older appliances sometimes are grossly inefficient. A new kitchen will often include new and much more efficient appliances. This is good for both the owner’s bottom line, and for the environment overall. A real win-win.

The Lifestyle benefits

Often, the financial return is a great thing to know about, but it isn’t the real reason for the remodel. The most common reasons for a kitchen remodel are much more personal. They have to do with living in and using the kitchen every day.

There is a great list lifestyle type reasons to remodel a kitchen at this website: https://cabinet2022.wpengine.com/get-started/

These ideas include things such as:

-Lack of storage in the existing cabinets
-The need for improved traffic flow and work patterns
-A place for family and friends to relax – kitchens are the social hub of the home after all!

And of course there is the look! Sometimes that’s all you need!