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Choosing An Edge Profile For Your New Granite Countertop

One of the most important decisions you will make when selecting a new granite countertop, after color, is the edge profile. Edge profile is the shape of the edge which can have a very big effect on you ultimate satisfaction with the finished countertop.

There are many shapes, or profiles, from which to choose. Most of these are variations of a few basic, simple shapes. Let me describe a few of the basic profiles: square top and bottom edges, a rounded top edge with a square bottom, rounded top and bottom edges, a beveled top edge and square bottom, triple pencil which is a cascade of three rounded beads, and bullnose which is a continuous round curve from top to bottom. You can see some examples at Cabinet Discounters’ countertop manufacturing facility Creative InCounters.

Your initial decision may be mostly driven by appearance, but there are some other very important considerations. The first is durability. A sharp square edge will be more likely to chip over the life of your countertop. Rounded edges tend to deflect accidental impacts and do not chip as easily. Another problem with a square edge is comfort and safety. Leaning against a square edge can be uncomfortable. An accidental fall against your countertop is uncomfortable in any case, but a square edge is much more likely to cause injury than a round edge.

Another consideration is cleaning. The more detail in your edge, the more likely food or dirt may collect. It may look attractive now, but if you have to work harder to keep it clean, you may regret your choice later.

Keep in mind your individual lifestyle and cleaning habits and this may help you in your final selection of an edge profile.   A rounder edge may be a smarter idea when there will be many users in the kitchen.   Discuss your own personal habits, desires and expectations with your designer and they will help to point you in the right direction when choosing your edge detail. Get more information and see some photos at Cabinet Discounters and at our countertop manufacturing facility Creative InCounters.