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Trending US Kitchen Design Choices 2023

When planning an upgrade in your kitchen, you might feel overwhelmed by the design possibilities. Meeting with a home design expert can help you sort your priorities so that you can achieve a new kitchen that suits your functional needs and aesthetic preferences on your budget.

As you make these remodeling decisions, it can also help to learn what other American homeowners are considering in their own renovation projects. A survey published by Houzz this year shares trends in kitchen design.

You can take these trends into consideration as you build your own kitchen. But you should consult with a specialist near you to determine if these options will suit your specific goals. Read on to view highlights from the recent study from Houzz regarding kitchen renovation trends in 2023.

Trending US Kitchen Design Choices 2023

Classic Styles for Cabinet Doors

The most popular type of kitchen cabinet for homeowners continues to be the shaker style. This traditional type of door design features a flat central panel with square edging and little to no detailing. Though this style has been around for a few hundred years, the minimalist look appears beautiful and timeless.

With its simple appearance, it affords the opportunity to explore patterns, colors, and textures in other facets of your kitchen during your renovation. For this reason, more homeowners choose flat-panel doors for their new cabinets too. The solid finish looks sleek and modern and also allows you to make more creative choices elsewhere in your kitchen.

Neutral Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Homeowners tend to stick to neutral colors for their cabinets in 2023, as in previous years. White continues to be the most popular color choice for kitchen cabinets. This color can offer an appealing contrast for bright or dark-colored countertops.

However, this year also shows an increase in wood-tone cabinets, usually made from wood that has been stained. This coloring in your cabinets creates a natural and rustic effect, adding warmth to the space.

You can also vary the hue of this type of cabinet by choosing light, medium, or dark wood. Explore your options when it comes to wood tone in your cabinetry with an expert by scheduling a showroom appointment.

Lighting Upgrades

When remodeling their kitchen, many people also update the lighting in their kitchens. This year sees recessed lights increasing in popularity, although undercabinet lights remain trendy. Undercabinet lighting will illuminate working surfaces, so design experts highly recommend installing these lights.

Modern homeowners also report adding electronic upgrades to this hub of their home during a renovation. But while a recent survey from RICKI supports the idea that a majority of people look forward to installing some high-tech features in their home, an even higher number of respondents feel bothered by the idea of a fully automated home.

You can discuss the best way to add electronic features to your kitchen with a professional. They can help you upgrade your space while also prioritizing sustainability, another common factor among homeowners during a kitchen remodeling project.