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Is Open Storage Right for Me?

If you are considering updating the cabinetry in your home, you might have noticed a trend known as open storage. This refers to doorless cabinets and floating shelves that display your items rather than keep them hidden behind closed doors.

Whether you plan to install new cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, or another space in your house, the type of storage you choose will depend on your intentions for its usage and your unique style aesthetic. A home design expert at Cabinet Discounters can help you find the best cabinets for your specific preferences.

Open storage can have certain advantages in some spaces in your home that might prove less suitable in other rooms. Read on to find both pros and cons associated with an open storage concept in your cabinetry.

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What Benefits Will I Notice with Open Storage?

One of the many benefits of choosing open storage is that you can keep up with home design trends. Not only will the open display make your space seem modern and fun, but this concept can blend with any type of d├ęcor.

You can choose shelving and cabinetry in any color that suits your specific style. And then you can select items to display that contribute to any aesthetic: from a minimalist, contemporary approach to a more eclectic scheme. Plus, if you have stylish crockery or other items, open storage allows you to show them off proudly to your guests.

Open storage can change up the style of a room without compromising when it comes to space or function. This open concept can also make the room appear lighter and more spacious, an especially useful tool if you do not have many windows that offer natural light to the area.

Doorless cabinets and shelving can provide practical advantages as well. Open storage allows you to better see the items you have available and then reach them with improved accessibility.

Are There Drawbacks to Open Storage in My Home?

Though open storage can bring many benefits to your home, there can be drawbacks with this design option as well. With your items on display in this type of cabinetry or shelving, you will need to stay organized to avoid a cluttered appearance. You might also worry about where to put damaged or less visually appealing materials that you would prefer not to exhibit.

Open storage will also mean that these items will be exposed to exterior elements. Dishes or other supplies can collect dust and dirt. In the bathroom and kitchen, other types of grime could accumulate on your materials. You might need to clean more frequently in these instances.

Closed storage concepts with doors over cabinets offer more privacy and flexibility. And you can still express your style with handles and accents that you would otherwise miss with open storage. Learn more about your cabinet design options when you schedule a consultation at a Cabinet Discounters showroom near you.