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How to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

When you remodel your kitchen, you want this hub of your home to function as well as it can. Cooking can be an enjoyable activity, and you do not want the arrangement of the room to hinder your experience.

Your cabinets, countertops, and other hardware in your kitchen can help you maximize the space of this room. Cabinet Discounters, a home hardware wholesale company, offers tips for making the most of the storage opportunities in your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet space Chantilly Virginia

Consider Higher Cabinet Placement

If you are installing new cabinets during your kitchen makeover process, the placement of this hardware can help you manage the space of the room. If you want to make the room appear larger, you can put your cabinets in a higher position, closer to the ceiling.

The added space between the bottom of the cabinet and the countertop beneath it can make the entire room feel more open. This openness can make it easier to navigate around your kitchen, enhancing your experience when cooking or otherwise utilizing the space.

Mix Up Your Color Scheme

Your initial reaction when designing your kitchen during a remodel may be to avoid dark colors, which can make a room seem more crowded. However, if you add a dark accent in an otherwise light-colored room, it creates depth that can give the appearance of a larger room. A dark-colored backsplash, for instance, can add style and the sensation of relief that comes with the illusion of more space.

Replace Extra Counter Space with Cabinetry

If you are unable to alter the size of your kitchen, you may have to make some tough decisions about how you would like to use your space. You will need to consider which functions of the space you would prioritize over others, such as counter space versus cabinetry.

If your kitchen is small, you may need more storage opportunities. It could be a good idea to sacrifice excess counter space for a full-size pantry-like cabinet. If you have enough food preparation space on a countertop, then you can dedicate further areas to storage concepts like this.

Strategize Shelf Additions

Do you notice empty wall space in your kitchen after installing new cabinets and countertops? You can place shelves between cabinets and counters or even above your cabinets if it is convenient.

These shelves create more storage opportunities as well as a chance to display crockery, appliances, or other items that express your style and values. Consult with a home improvement expert for other opportunities to maximize efficiency and function in your kitchen.

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