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Honed or Polished Countertops?

If you are choosing countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, you may be overwhelmed with the many style options. If you have decided on a stone and marbled countertop, as well as the color and edge, you still have another decision to make.

The finish of your countertop can have differing effects on your home, whether it is honed or polished. Cabinet Discounters, a team of expert homeware manufacturers in Annapolis, MD, describes the different benefits you can expect by choosing either honed or polished countertops for your home.

polished kitchen countertops in Annapolis Maryland

Honed Finish Countertops

A honed finish describes a countertop that has been grounded to be flat and smooth without a final polish applied. The effect creates a matte look where intricate veins or color hues may appear less prevalent.

Honed finishes can benefit perfectionists because scratches and other etchings that may incur over time are less visible on this type of countertop. This countertop may be a good choice for areas of your home that see high amounts of traffic, such as an entryway or living room.

Honed countertops may be more susceptible to stains because the porous material can absorb spilled liquids. You should have a sealer applied to this type of countertop to prevent stains. However, this may need to be redone over time.

Polished Finish Countertops

A polished countertop has an added finish that creates a glossy shine to the stone material that can be an attractive, eye-catching addition to your home. The finish feels smooth and can enhance the intricate details of the material for an enhanced appearance.

Polished finishes feature an added layer of stain-resistant material to better resist permanent damages if there is a spill on the surface. For this reason, a polished countertop may be the ideal choice for areas in your home that see more frequent spills, like your kitchen or bathroom.

However, the shiny surface of a polished countertop might make scratches more visible compared to a honed finish. This type of countertop should have a sealer too, but this will not create added protection from scratches.

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