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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Wheelchair Accessible

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and you want everyone who lives there to be able to use it comfortably and safely. If you or someone you live with is a wheelchair user, there are modifications you can make while remodeling your bathroom to ensure more convenient usage. Cabinet Discounters, a home remodeling sales company, offers advice for customers remodeling their bathroom to make countertops, cabinets, and other hardware accessible for wheelchair users.bathroom remodel countertops maryland

Reimagine sink space

Sink and vanity space are major components of your bathroom that should not be overlooked during remodeling. If you want your bathroom to be accessible to wheelchair users, you should pay attention to the positioning of your sink. The sink should be at a height such that a person can use it while in a wheelchair. You should also avoid putting cabinets below the sink so that there is room for an individual’s knees while using a chair to approach the sink comfortably. If you have a vanity area in your bathroom, you will want to choose a sturdy countertop so there will be no issues if it is grabbed for balance or movement.

Strategize storage

Bathrooms are good places for the storage of everyday items, such as a hairdryer, dental care materials, and towels. A linen closet or cabinets should be constructed with care when remodeling your bathroom with wheelchair accessibility in mind. Consider installing drawers for storage that can be pulled out. Ideally, these should be at a height comfortable for individuals to access while in a wheelchair. These drawers are an easy way to reduce clutter if the space is small. Additionally, you should place common bathroom hardware, such as toilet paper holders, towel bars, and soap dishes, in easy reach for people who use wheelchairs.

Consider grab bars

Grab bars placed near the toilet, shower, or tub can make it easier for wheelchair users to safely and conveniently maneuver in your bathroom. Installation of these bars should be left to a professional to ensure they are secured properly and avoid them coming loose and risking injury. With grab bars effectively placed through the room, you can have a safe bathroom and make a commonly used area of your home hassle-free for all individuals.

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