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Which Material Should I Choose For New Countertops?

Which material is best for your home’s countertops (especially your kitchen countertops) will probably be a long discussion to be had. Each homeowner will have their own opinion and each homeowner should research each material. Then they can make the best decision for his or her home, based on needs and budget. Also, different materials have different price increases and decreases from year to year. That being said, Cabinet Discounters has listed some advantages to each of the most popular stone choices being used as we move into 2020.annapolis countertops


  • Soapstone is rapidly rising in popularity and has seemed to surpass granite as the number one choice for homeowners today. Soapstone is a natural stone and is a dark grey or black color that features white streaks throughout the stone. Soapstone is nonporous, which is wonderful for being antibacterial, stain-resistant, and requires virtually no maintenance. However, soapstone is prone to scratching, though some homeowners seem to like this feature as it adds character to the stone. On the contrary, you can elect to sand the scratches out and restore the stone to the original setting.


  • Granite has passed the test of time, as it always makes the top list of countertop materials for homeowners. Granite is also a natural stone, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and handles heat like no other. It seems that granite will forever be a mainstay when choosing countertops, as there is a countless number of color options as well.


  • Quartz is the only manufactured stone to make our list and that is because there are many advantages to installing quartz in your home. Since quartz is manufactured, it can be fitted exactly as you like inside your home without the worry of seeing any unwanted seams or imperfections in your countertops. Also an advantage to being manufactured, quartz has an endless amount of color and design options. Quartz is also a nonporous, stain-, and scratch-resistant stone. Quartz is growing in popularity due to it having just about zero maintenance needs other than regular cleaning. Not to mention the incredible amount of resale value that stone countertops will add to your home.

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