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The Advantages Of Ceramic Tile Flooring

As a homeowner, you probably have thought of cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home or just new ways to keep your home modern and more appealing. One thing for sure to cross your mind will be the types of flooring that you have in your homes, such as hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, or carpet. All are great options, but today we are going to go over while ceramic tile is an excellent option for your home.


  • Ceramic tile offers you the opportunity to select many more color options, and you can even design your own pattern with tile. This is a huge advantage over the carpet, hardwood, laminate or Pergo because you can not do a custom design with these other materials because they come in much larger pieces and fewer color options to try and match with a custom pattern.


  • Cermaic tile is by far the most durable out of all the flooring options when it comes to wearing and staining. Ceramic tile is stain resistant, and do have a good tolerance for breakage as far as dropping items on it. However, it can break if a heavy item is dropped on a piece of ceramic tile. This is another advantage of ceramic tile, in case something is dropped and a tile breaks, you can easily replace the damaged tile, and not even be able to notice that it was replaced. However, will other flooring materials, such as carpet, if it is stained permanently, it is impossible to replace a section of carpet.

Low Maintenance

  • One of the greatest advantages of ceramic tile is that there is just about zero maintenance. It is recommended to use a sealant on your ceramic floor every 3-5 years, and other than that, only normal cleaning is recommended.

Return On Investment

  • Have you ever noticed when looking at either, homes to rent or purchase, that they will list the type of flooring inside the home unless it is vinyl or laminate as those are typically builders grade materials? Ceramic tile is considered a top quality upgrade for your home due to the advantages we listed above.

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