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Kitchen Planning Guide: Part 2

Now that you’ve sketched out your basic kitchen plan for a remodel in Annapolis at Cabinet Discounters, it’s time to mark the location of all the items you’ll need to consider when you choose and install your cabinets. This includes: any breaks in the wall such as doors, windows, radiators and closet offsets as well as the location of existing plumbing, electrical outlets and ducts to the outside. Also note any exterior walls.

Planning for Your New Cabinets

Knowing if your job is a new kitchen or a remodel helps determine what kinds of issues you might encounter. New kitchens are designed for standard cabinet and appliance dimensions. Remodels of older kitchens frequently don’t comply with modern standards and can require cabinet adjustments.

If you are adding new subflooring, drywall or paneling to your kitchen, these will alter your measurements. Raising your floor can impact your base cabinet’s clearance for electrical outlets and backsplashes while additional wall thickness will affect the depth available for base cabinets and the length of a cabinet run.

The materials of the kitchen’s interior and exterior walls impact the method of installation. It’s also important to know if your base floor is wood or concrete if you are planning to move existing plumbing.

Lastly, if your kitchen will include a table and chairs, measure how much room you’ll need to accommodate this comfortably.

Personalizing Your Kitchen

There are dozens of ways you can personalize your kitchen to get the look and functionality you desire. How you use your kitchen will help you decide which options are best for you.

Do you enjoy cooking? An appliance garage keeps all your kitchen gadgets handy while roll-out shelves make it easy to access pots and pans.

Is convenience important? Try a microwave cabinet at eye level or a built-in trash basket.

And don’t forget about the finishing touches. Stained glass doors, wine racks and bookshelves are just some of the options that will make your new kitchen a standout.