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Kitchen Design Considerations for Food Lovers

Do you watch the food channel on cable TV? Do you enjoy the many celebrity chef shows? If so, you are definitely a food lover! Being a food lover should have a large impact on your kitchen design when you remodel. People are turning away from fast-food, pre-cooked foods, and are turning to healthier cooking with fresh ingredients for both the fun of cooking and for the obvious health benefits.

Believe it or not, the greater popularity of fresh fruits and vegetables (frequently purchased at local farmers’ markets) has had an impact on appliances. Some manufacturers are now offering features such as dual refrigeration and air purification to keep produce fresher longer. Although the expense may be somewhat greater, the value to a food lover could really be worth it. It pays to explore your many options as the lowest price may not always best fulfill your needs.

Food lovers also tend to use more small appliances: juicers, coffee grinders, blenders, steamers, Panini presses, indoor grills, and many more. These will have a large impact on the storage and accessibility aspects of your kitchen design. They will also have impacts on infrastructure such as electrical outlets and proximity of plumbing. Remember to consider all of these appliances, and their particular needs, when you work on your kitchen design.

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