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My New Appliances Do Not Fit

Frequently, when people replace an old kitchen appliance, they discover to their dismay that the new appliance won’t fit in the space taken up by their old appliance. This is especially true with refrigerators. In many cases, this can take you from a casual appliance purchase into a kitchen remodeling project. Should you find yourself in such a situation, try not to think of it as a problem, but rather as an opportunity.

Most major kitchen appliances can operate with little or no maintenance for ten to twenty years. A lot has changed in the past twenty years. First of all, society has changed and the way in which we socialize in our homes has changed quite a bit. In the past, the kitchen was a place where the mess of food preparation could be kept out of sight. Today, the kitchen has opened up and become the center of activity for the entire family. Today’s kitchen is a gathering place for meals or for parties. It is a place for doing homework or paying monthly bills. It is frequently the communications center with a family calendar on the ‘frig, a bulletin board, and the answering machine.

Remodeling your kitchen allows you to completely re-think the use of that space; to re-design the space to better accommodate your family’s needs and desires. Sometimes a wall is removed to open things up into a much larger space, or a door or window is moved. The main thing is to carefully think about how you will use the new space and make the design accommodate that use in the best possible ways.

You also have the opportunity to address problems with the old space. Do you have enough storage? Can more than one person work at the sink? Is there enough counter space? As you address these questions it can be helpful to do a lifestyle survey. Click here to see the lifestyle survey on the Cabinet Discounters’ website.  Check out the Photo Galleries on the website to get hundreds of ideas of the many possibilities. Then call for an appointment with an experienced designer. There’s no charge for design services when you buy your new kitchen from Cabinet Discounters regardless of whether we install it, you hire your own contractor, or even install it yourself. Click here for showroom locations and phone numbers. You’ll find the Cabinet Discounters’ showrooms to be helpful for making your decisions in a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere.