Years Of Waiting Pay Off With A Beautiful Kitchen

Tackling a kitchen remodeling project can sometimes seem like an arduous task. With all of the work, time, and money that is involved, it can at times feel rather overwhelming. That’s how a local customer was feeling before going into her project.

“I have been ‘dreaming’ of remodeling our kitchen and the floors on the main level of our home for decades. I can honestly admit the thought of tackling this endeavor was overwhelming for me, and I wasn’t sure remodeling the kitchen was a good investment. We’ve lived in our home since 1972, and the kitchen and cabinets were last upgraded in 1984.” – customer

After doing some extensive research over the years, the customer decided to work with Cabinet Discounters and our Olney showroom.

“I’ve been collecting ads and reading articles about remodeling kitchens for decades (literally). When we finally decided to actually remodel, we visited 6 different vendors. I heard the Cabinet Discounters ad on the radio many times, and decided to check out the company. I read reviews on the internet, in consumer magazines and on their website, and overall Cabinet Discounters had glowing reports from many satisfied customers. I liked the idea of having access to their website for my specific job to make comments, ask questions, and pass on commendations. I was impressed with their showroom and lighting options, and was thrilled it was a turn-key operation.” – customer

Upon visiting our Olney store, the customers worked with designer Doreen Bliss. They were happy with the service they received from not only Doreen, but also from Lisa Bichner and Ward Street in our installation department.

“The Cabinet Discounters’ designer Doreen worked diligently to ensure the kitchen met my individual needs…it was not a cookie-cutter kitchen by any means, and I was a very detail-oriented customer. Doreen communicated well and individualized the design for me. It is because of her efforts the kitchen is now a pleasure to look at and use.”

“Lisa was amazing to work with. If I emailed her at 10 o’clock on a Sunday evening, I received a response within 10 minutes. She was very supportive at all times, and she researched every question or concern I had. She was patient and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I would be happy at the end of the Cabinet Discounters’ remodel project. She communicated with other vendors, my appliance distributor, and our flooring vendor to ensure everything went as seamlessly as possible. I am grateful to this moment that she was the person who oversaw our kitchen installation. I even dropped her a note when things were going well! She is easy to talk to and has a genuine interest in ensuring her customers are pleased with Cabinet Discounters’ product.”

“Ward was our fix-it, make it right guy! He was always on time, always did his very best to ensure I was pleased with the project(s) of the day, and even righted things that I didn’t realize needed attention until he pointed them out to me. He is a genius problem solver, and everything he does looks beautiful, is professionally done, and works well. Ward always cleaned up at the end of the day, and was instrumental in ensuring this project had a happy ending.” – customer

Working along side Doreen, the customer selected HomeCrest Cabinetry for the kitchen with Dover Maple doors and Anchor finish. The countertops are Willamette Twin Arch Quartz from Creative In Counters. The backsplash tile is Florida Tile 3″x6″ Field 37 SF Buff with Bright White grout.

“Although it was a difficult decision, we finally ‘bit the bullet’ as they say, and we are thrilled we did. Beyond just being more modern and updated, every aspect of our Cabinet Discounters kitchen is more user friendly, feels larger, and is custom designed for my specific needs. I am always cooking, baking cookies, making bread, decorating cakes for the grand kids’ birthdays, and so much more. Our ‘new’ kitchen is better organized and makes everything so much easier. I sincerely regret we didn’t remodel the kitchen decades ago. If we were to remodel another room or area in our home, we would always check with Cabinet Discounters prior to beginning another project.” – customer

If you are like this family and are hesitant to begin a kitchen design project for whatever reason, then checking with Cabinet Discounters is your first stop! You can sign up today for a free showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area showrooms and start building your dream today.