“To say that we are pleased would be an understatement”

There are many different issues that may eventually lead you down the path towards a kitchen remodel. From deteriorating cabinetry, to your room being too small, to failing appliances, they can all be a contributing factor. But when you hit your limit, then you need to be sure to make the right decisions when it comes to the future of your kitchen. A local family found themselves in a similar position, and knew they had to do something about it.

kitchen remodel woodbine md“We decided to remodel our kitchen, when we realized that our broken oven was no longer being manufactured and parts could no longer be obtained. We also realized that we wanted to maximize the space in the kitchen, which had not  been modified in 21 years.”

Originally upon embarking on their remodeling journey, the family decided to work with another company. After meeting with this company, they ultimately decided that they were not a fit for this project.

“We initially were working with another cabinet making company and their initial promise of maximizing our kitchen space could not be accommodated.  Additionally, their estimate for purchase and install of their cabinets was three times higher than Cabinet Discounters’ estimate.  The other company made the whole process feel like an assembly line process and the kitchen would be an ‘off the shelf design’ and not designed for our needs. The salesperson was pushy and each time we met with her, something she had promised to put in the design had to be changed. We actually had three sets of kitchen renovation plans before we decided to move on.”

After realizing that they would need to look elsewhere for their kitchen project, the family stopped by the Cabinet Discounters showroom in Mt. Airy.

kitchen remodel woodbine md“Cabinet Discounters was our first stop after we decided not to go with the other company and from the moment we walked into the showroom, the was reception we received was very noticeable.”

Once inside the showroom, the family met with designer Dan Ciucci. They were able to devise a plan that worked perfectly within the space. Additionally, the family felt much more comfortable working with Dan than the previous company.

We did not have an appointment but Dan accommodated us that day. He took our original design and assured us that our kitchen would be designed with us in mind and not the bottom line. The quote for the cabinets far exceeded our expectations. There were no sales tactics or pressure to purchase. The price Dan quoted us was far below our budget, which allowed us to renovate other areas of the home. The installation was completed in a professional manner and the clean up was exceptional. At the conclusion of the renovation, Dan came by our home for an inspection and subsequently facilitated any repairs or imperfections to the cabinets that had to be made.”

Working along with Dan, the customers selected Homecrest Cabinetry with Sedona Maple door style and French Vanilla Opaque color. The countertops are Calacatta Villa quartz.

kitchen remodel woodbine mdWe can’t believe the transformation of our old kitchen to the new one. To say that we are pleased would be an understatement, we simply love the look that Cabinet Discounters provided us in our new kitchen. Our only regret was we did not start our new kitchen renovation search with Cabinet Discounters. We wasted a lot of time with the other cabinet company but very pleased we ended up at Cabinet Discounters. The service and the quality of the cabinets can’t be duplicated by other companies. We are pleased to be the proud owners of a newly renovated Cabinet Discounters kitchen.”

If you are like this family and want a beautiful new kitchen without the hassle, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designer. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

kitchen remodel woodbine md