New Kitchen Gives an Old-Time Feel in A 200 Year-Old Home

If your kitchen is not in the style you want, or it has significant issues, then everyday use can be a burden. Whether it is out of date and unattractive, or the flow of your space is inconvenient, or your cabinets are simply failing, then it may be time to make a change. That’s where a local family found themselves, and they were ready to do something different.

kitchen remodel in vienna va“The previous kitchen worked pretty well & had plenty of storage. But there were problems. For the past 15 years, there’s been a big water stain on the ceiling. The style was inappropriate for a Victorian farmhouse – it had long rows of dark cabinets and an ugly fake brick on the walls between the upper and lower cabinets. The lighting was inadequate. There was no venting for the stove, and a bad traffic flow effectively cut off some of the kitchen & made it hard for multiple people to work in the kitchen effectively.” – customer

After receiving a few suggestions from their contractor, the customers decided to do some research. They chose to work with our Cabinet Discounters Springfield showroom and with designer Tessa Kolmus.

“Our contractors recommended Tessa Kolmus (plus a couple others with other companies). We researched several companies on the web and talked to a few other companies, too. Because we wanted to mix old (and old-style) elements into a modern kitchen, we needed custom or semi-custom cabinets plus a designer who was comfortable working “outside the box.” But we also wanted a relatively economical solution. Some of the other options lacked the flexibility that we needed; others were too expensive. Cabinet Discounters provided the flexibility we needed and a good balance between quality and price. And we liked Tessa.” – customer

kitchen remodel in vienna vaThe customers were very happy with their experience working with Tessa.

“Tessa was great. Although she lacked experience with kitchens for 200-year old houses, she clearly loves kitchens (and cooking), she knows a lot about the available options for pretty much every detail as well as the process of pulling together the whole project, and she was eager to work with us – complete with our unusual requirements and my occasional difficulties in making decisions.” – customer

Working along with Tessa, the customers selected Brighton Cabinetry with Cascade doors for their kitchen. The cabinets surrounding the refrigerator and the sink have a Maple White color, and the cabinets around the stove and microwave are Red Oak New Carmel finish. The cabinets combine with other aspects of the kitchen to give the space the look and style appropriate to the age of the home.

kitchen remodel in vienna va“We love it. Our new kitchen is beautiful, and I smile every time I go in there. Aside from everyday use, we’ve hosted a baby shower & we’re about to host several other meals and visitors for the holidays. We didn’t host a special “new kitchen” event. We did, however, provide regular tours of the renovation – and of course the final product – to interested members of our Bible study group (which we host).” – customer

If you are like this family and are in search of a kitchen that is more in line with your style or taste, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations and start building your dream today.

kitchen remodel in vienna va