My New Kitchen “will give a truly home feeling to our family members”

Are you finding yourself fed up with your current living situation? Maybe your home is too cramped, your kitchen is old and outdated, or there simply is not enough room for your family or for storage. If you can relate to any of those issues, then it may be time for a new kitchen in your home. A local family found themselves in a similar position, and they knew that they needed to do something, starting with their kitchen.

kitchen remodel upper marlboro md“My wife and I shopped around with the idea of purchasing another home.  We couldn’t find any homes with the floor plan that we wanted (split-level).  So, we discussed what we wanted most in a new home.  We wanted a master bedroom suite, a gym and a modern open living space (living room & kitchen).”

While out one night, the family happened upon the Cabinet Discounters showroom in Annapolis. Having an idea in mind of what they wanted in their home, they ventured inside to see what we had to offer.

“We were having our weekly date night and this particular week, we were dining at a restaurant in Annapolis Mall.  As we drove up, we were a little early and happened to see Cabinet Discounters.”

kitchen remodel upper marlboro mdOnce inside, the family met with designer Victoria Jordan. They were able to tell Victoria about their wishes for their kitchen, and she showed them examples of projects she had done in the past that were similar to their ideas. Very quickly, the family knew they were in the right place.

“We went in, met Victoria Jordan and expressed our love for arches.  She showed us a newspaper article of a designed that she had done.  The rest is history … that design is now our kitchen and living room.”

In addition to their experience with Victoria, the family was equally as pleased with everyone else who contributed to their kitchen remodel.

“We feel that the workers at Cabinet Discounters listened to us and tried to make us satisfied.  If we wanted something and it wasn’t practical in their opinion, they would tell us, explained why and make suggestions.”

Working along with Victoria, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with Bryant door style. The cabinetry is Maple Slate color, and the trim is Maple Zinc. The countertops are Twin Arch Willamette quartz from Creative In Counters.

kitchen remodel upper marlboro md“We love the outcome and visitor loves it also! We plan on using this new space to cook, eat, play games, watch television, etc.  Most of our entertaining is family focused around important family events.  While entertaining, this newly designed space will give a truly home feeling to our family members. We really didn’t want to call out names because everyone was a pleasure to work with but we must mention and thank Victoria Jordan and Joe Melo for bringing everything together.”

If you are like this family and need a new look in your home, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you! Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

kitchen remodel upper marlboro md