“Love love love our new bathrooms!”

Are the bathrooms in your home literally from the last century? Do you find things to be outdated, falling apart, or simply not functional? Maybe you have some wasted space with cabinetry or a tub that you rarely used? If you said yes to any of those things, you are not alone!  A local family found themselves in a similar spot and they were ready to make a change.

We decided to remodel because our old 1992 bathroom was very 1992. It had shower tiles that were cracking, a jacuzzi tub which we never used, and a double sink with a space under the middle for a bench seat which was also never used. The 1992 vinyl flooring in our hall bath also needed to be replaced and that bath was just dated, too.”

bathroom remodel new market mdHaving originally looked at some of the bigger chain stores to start their remodel, the customers came away unimpressed. They heard a radio commercial for Cabinet Discounters, saw that our Mt. Airy showroom was nearby, and decided to give us a visit.

We had heard radio (WMAL) commercials for Cabinet Discounters and they have a showroom in Mt. Airy so we stopped in one day. We had also looked at bathroom renovation at the big box stores, but it was too much for us to figure out on our own and there was no one there to help, too many moving pieces to manage.”

Once inside our showroom, the customers met with designer Terri Reiter and they were very pleased with their experience. Knowing that they were planning on remodeling both of their upstairs bathrooms, the customers purchased all of the cabinetry for both bathrooms in 2019 when work on the first hall bathroom began. They were lucky to have already received their cabinetry when work stopped due to the pandemic, and because of this, work was able to continue in their home.

Terri was the first person to help us. She was great! We did the hall bath first, while our daughter was away at college to minimize disruption. We picked out everything: tile, accent tile, countertops, flooring. We decided to use the same products for both bathrooms. We bought the flooring and cabinets for both in 2019 (to keep the same dye lots) when we did the hall bath and just stored them until the 2020 master reno. It ended up being a good thing because of COVID when the cabinet factories in PA were shut down.”

The customers did much of their own work on the bathrooms in terms of demolition and installation. Terri was able to schedule work when there were other objects with which they needed help.

We are handy around the house and wanted to do some of the work ourselves. We did the demolition, then things like move electric sockets, touch up the walls, and paint. We installed the cabinets and bathroom fixtures. Some things, like flooring and tile work, are way above our pay grade. Terri worked with us to determine what contractors to use, when to schedule, and who would do what. It really worked out well. The hall bathroom was pretty easy, it was just a replacement, but the master bath was much more involved as we totally re-designed the shower/bath space. Terri took the ideas in my head, made suggestions, and transferred the ideas to paper (well, computer) . We went over every detail about who would provide what service before she scheduled contractors.”

bathroom remodel new market mdIn addition to their experience with Terri, the family was also pleased with the work from all of the other people who contributed to their project. Everyone seemed very helpful and thorough.

The contractors were great. I don’t remember the carpenters who came in for the hall bath, but they were done in like 4 hours (just hung Durock around bathtub walls). For the master bath, Chip, the master bath carpenter, was slow but very precise; he took a lot of time to ask how I wanted things and made sure everything was exact and level. The flooring installers were the same for both rooms and were pros at it! I couldn’t believe how fast they were done, yet the cuts and placement were perfect. In the master bath, we also had a glass contractor install glass walls and a door. That really finished the job and they were very helpful in explaining how to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.”

They were especially impressed with the work done by the tile installer, Mauricio.

I’m saving the best contractor for last. Mauricio did the tile in both rooms. We did white subway tile with an accent row. For the hall bath, we wanted to have tile up to the ceiling but made contingencies to shorten the wall and top with bullnose in case the walls were not level enough. Mauricio made measurements work and gave good suggestions about the width and placement of the accent row and made it tile up to the ceiling, as we wanted. The master bath was a lot more exacting. We had a niche, benches, hip wall…just to make things more challenging for him. There was a little bit of a scare when he thought he did not have enough accent pieces to complete the niche, but that turned out not to be a problem. Tile work is more of an art than a working trade and Mauricio is an artist. Highly recommend!”

Working along with Terri, the customers selected Homecrest Cabinetry with Eastport Maple door style and Anchor finish for their vanities. The countertops and master bathroom shower bench are Cambria Brittanicca quartz. The shower floor tile is Florida Tile Ainslee Park 2″ x 2″ ceramic tile in Calacatta Gold. The shower wall tile is Roca Maiolica White 4″ x 10″ ceramic tile. The accent tile in the shower is Bati Tile Mami 165 mixed mosaic.

bathroom remodel new market mdOverall great experience with Cabinet Discounters. Yes, we had some glitches along the way (hall sinks and master glass walls cut wrong) but they were corrected without too much delay. We were not surprised, what job does not have something go wrong? Fixed and life goes on. Love love love our new bathrooms! And I’ve already talked to Terri about the future kitchen remodel…can’t wait!”

If you are like these customers and are looking to update your bathrooms into this century, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you! Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

bathroom remodel new market md