“It’s plucked from my dreams”

Has there been one moment or event in your life that has made you realize that you need to do something about your kitchen? Maybe an appliance has failed, a pipe has burst, or a cabinet door fell off. But have you ever imagined that the family dog would be the cause of your new kitchen? That’s what happened in a local household! The new puppy in this family was the catalyst for the kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodel damascus md“To be totally honest, we were about to get a new puppy, a golden retriever (Ivy) and we had carpet in the whole house. I said to my husband I don’t want to have carpet with a dog, so we decided to replace all of the floors. We didn’t want to take our old cabinets out to put the floors down and put old cabinets back in, so husband said let’s do the kitchen. Seemed like a natural time to do everything. It was literally all based on the new puppy! We had wanted to remodel the kitchen for awhile, but the arrival of the puppy is what finally got it done! You guys started the demo on the day she arrived home.”

The family had some friends who had just gone through a remodel and had received quotes from other stores and contractors. They were not sold on the other companies, because this family had a specific vision for the color of the cabinetry they wanted in their new kitchen.

“We had friends that had just gone through a kitchen remodel, they got quotes from Ikea, Home Depot and a private contractor. They chose Ikea. I didn’t want Ikea b/c they had no option for blue and as I told you we (I-my husband was NOT sold on a navy blue kitchen) wanted blue.”

Wanting to get more creative with a blue kitchen, the family decided to visit Cabinet Discounters. They visited our Mt. Airy showroom, and met there with designer Wendy Ames. They were immediately sold after meeting with Wendy and were ready to end their search for companies with which to work.

kitchen remodel damascus md“Cabinet Discounters was our first quote and we LOVED Wendy. She made it so easy, she gave us choices without it being overwhelming and she was very knowledgeable. We designed exactly what we wanted and the price was exactly what we expected to pay so we didn’t look any further. Wendy made the design process so easy, that I had complete confidence that everything else was going to go smoothly. We didn’t see any reason to look further.”

Throughout the entire process, the family was extremely happy with their experience with not only Wendy, but our entire team. Everything went incredibly smoothly and they were very pleased.

“I changed my mind A LOT and Wendy just hung right in there. She was truly amazing. Our final design title was something like “[Kitchen] Final, Revision 2 Actual Final.” Just to show you how many times we changed things up. Once we got to install it was all seamless. There were absolutely no delays, everyone was very professional. Everyone made me feel really good about covid protocols as well. Everyone came on time and there were simply no issues. I think the install even finished a couple days early.”

Working along with Wendy, the customers selected Homecrest Cabinetry with Bexley Maple door style and Cadet Opaque color. The countertops are LX Viatera Rococo quartz.

“It’s simply so rare to get exactly what you want and I really did. I had a picture in my head of this kitchen and it is exactly as I wanted it.”

From the island, to storage and cooking space, everything in the kitchen has combined to make life so much easier.

kitchen remodel damascus md“I can’t say enough about the island. I love to collect decorative dishware and I grow my own flowers for cutting. I can now display both on the island and it makes my day to be able to arrange displays. We haven’t done too much entertaining because of covid, but I know the island will be central to all our gatherings from now on. I do a lot of baking and I have no idea how I ever lived without the island. It’s simply life-changing. To be able to have everything out at once during a baking session and not to worry about space is perfect. The island has become the main gathering area as well.”

In the end, everything turned out perfectly for this family, and they couldn’t be happier with the result.

“We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Every time I look at it I can’t believe it’s my kitchen. A navy blue and gold kitchen with a white farm sink, decorative mullions and a marble herringbone backsplash is literally the kitchen I’ve always wanted. It’s plucked from my dreams. You don’t often get that and we feel very fortunate to have had such a great experience. Thanks for everything.”

kitchen remodel damascus mdIf you are like this family and need a new kitchen for whatever reason, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

kitchen remodel damascus md