“I Love Cooking In My New Kitchen”

Is your kitchen not suitable for new appliances? Do you find yourself having to create more room in your kitchen that you already don’t have in the first place? You are not alone! A local customer was experiencing similar problems and was ready to do something about it.

“The space for the refrigerator in our old kitchen was only 24″ wide.  Once the refrigerator broke it was very hard to find a replacement .  We lived with the tiny fridge for 20 years…it was time for an upgrade!”

kitchen remodel rockville mdDeciding on a company with which to work can be a difficult task. Searching around for the right fit can take a while and can feel intimidating, but it’s worth it in the end to make the best decision. After looking around, the customer decided to work with Cabinet Discounters.

“I consulted with at least 4 other remodeling companies before finally deciding on Cabinet Discounters.  This was my first big remodeling project and I was terrified. I knew Cabinet Discounters had been around a long time and had a good reputation.  I did my research on the different cabinet makers and quality for the price.”

After having decided that she would work with us, the customer visited our Gaithersburg showroom. Once inside, she met with designer Phil Heinz. Phil was able to come up with a specific plan that work within the space of the kitchen, and the customer was extremely happy.

kitchen remodel rockville md“Phil was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient.  It took me months of research before making a decision.  Phil promptly answered all my emails and phone calls.  He was able to incorporate everything I wanted in my new kitchen.  I would highly recommend Cabinet Discounters and Phil. The delivery of the cabinets went smoothly and on time. No complaints!”

Working along with Phil, the customer selected Homecrest Cabinetry with Sedona Maple door style and a Natural maple finish. The countertops are Cambria Wentwood quartz. The new kitchen now has a perfect space for a new refrigerator as well as plenty of room for many more items.

“[I’m] Thrilled!  I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I love cooking in my new kitchen.  I have more counter and cabinet space.  It’s nice to be able to store all those small appliances (stand mixer, crock pot, food processor, etc.) in the kitchen and easily accessible.”

Embarking on a kitchen remodel can feel stressful and daunting at times. With as much time, energy, and money that is invested into a project of this size, you never want to make a wrong decision. The customer was experiencing many of these feelings going into the project, but Phil and Cabinet Discounters were able to ease her worries and she couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out in the end.

kitchen remodel rockville md“The kitchen remodel was a big scary project for me and I obsessed over it for months.  I’m sure I drove my friends and family crazy.  I was so terrified of making a huge costly mistake.  I am so happy and relieved with how it turned out!  I did not hire an independent kitchen designer and relied on Phil’s design advice and guidance.  I’m so thankful for his help and patience.”

If you are like this customer and need a kitchen that better suits your needs, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. Sign up today for a showroom appointment, free of charge, with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started working on your project!

kitchen remodel rockville md