“I cannot walk into my new kitchen without smiling!”

Is your kitchen out-of-date? Do you feel like you’re going back in time whenever you walk into your kitchen? Are your cabinets falling apart and no longer functional? A local family found themselves in the exact same position, and they were ready to do something about it.

kitchen remodel annapolis mdMy house was built in 1946.  The kitchen has only had one major update since then. It was living in the 50’s! Think chicken wallpaper and fake brick linoleum!  It was way past time for a complete remodel!” – customer

Having previously heard positive reviews of Cabinet Discounters, the customers stopped by our Annapolis showroom. Once inside, they met with designer Victoria Jordan, and were very pleased with her knowledge and advice.

We had heard good things about Cabinet Discounters and decided that we would include them in the suppliers we were asking to give us help and estimates.  Once we met Victoria Jordan, we appreciated the way she assisted us in getting the exact kitchen we had in  mind and gave us great advice along the way.  We chose Cabinet Discounters because of her help and the quality of their product selection.” – customer

Along with their experience with Victoria, the family couldn’t be happier with their encounters with our entire team.

kitchen remodel annapolis mdWe could not possibly have asked for better assistance all around.  Delivery was on time and the delivery men were kind enough to assist in putting all the elements:  cabinets, tile, etc. in our garage, ready for the contractors.  The installers were incredible.  Austin, the carpenter and the one who had the most to accomplish was a “wonder-worker” in helping us along the way and working with the plumber, electrician and tile installer.  Everyone worked within the schedule and we  finished on the exact date on the original schedule!  It was also ended up  within the original budget we had in mind!” – customer

Working with Victoria, the customers selected Homecrest Cabinetry for their kitchen with Dover Maple doors. The upper cabinets are Alpine Opaque color, and the lower cabinets are Cadet Opaque. The countertops are Q Quartz Rolling Fog. The backsplash tile is from Jeffrey Court.

I cannot walk into my new kitchen without smiling!  It’s a marvelous room that is bright and welcoming.  The new arrangement that Victoria helped us plan out, has made working there so much easier.  We love everything about it.” – customer

The customers have already been using their new kitchen, along with their island-on-wheels, for lots of cooking, and they have experienced the benefits that a new kitchen provides.

kitchen remodel annapolis mdI am cooking on a regular basis in my kitchen and find that the new cabinets hold so much more, in a more organized way than the old cabinets did that it’s a joy!  My new appliances are fantastic and the brightness and large counter areas make meal prep so much easier!  I love my new movable island, too. We purchased some small stools and it’s a pleasure to have a place in my fairly to sit and do small tasks like cutting out coupons or prepping spices, etc. and be able to move the island over by the stove to hold pre-prepped ingredients or serving dishes while I cook. We have already recommended Cabinet Discounters to many who have visited our new kitchen and are thinking about a similar project.  We always suggest they call Victoria.” – customer

If you are like this family and are looking to update and upgrade your kitchen, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experience designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations and start building your dream today!

kitchen remodel annapolis md