From Falling Apart to Beautiful: A Kitchen Transformation

Have you ever had your kitchen literally falling apart? It can be a frustrating time and alert you to the fact that the opportunity for a kitchen remodel is nearing. That’s where a local family found themselves in their old space.

DSC_7555-edit“Well, when the silverware drawer falls apart in  your arms one morning, you start getting pretty serious about planning an update! The kitchen was part of a larger project that included remodeling the first floor.” – customer

While visiting several different kitchen remodeling companies, the family decided to work with Cabinet Discounters on their project. Cabinet Discounters offered all aspects of their remodel for which they were searching.

“After shopping around, we felt Cabinet Discounters had the right combination of custom-look pieces that would adapt to our needs and help us stay in our budget, along with the professional design services that would bring our vision to life.” – customer

DSC_7561-editThe customers visited the Cabinet Discounters Annapolis showroom and that’s where they worked with designer Meg O’Neill. They were very pleased with their experience.

“I was grateful to have expertise available throughout the project. It was tremendously helpful to be able to see what the whole room would look like as we were planning each section.” – customer

Working with Meg, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with Shaker doors. The perimeter cabinetry for the kitchen is in a Maple Tranquil color, while the wet bar and desk area has a Maple Legend paint. The countertops throughout the space are Blue Fantasy granite.

DSC_7568-edit“We spent a long time planning and re-imagining the space, and that’s really paid off. We are so pleased with the final product because it works so well for us and our guests. Because we did so much more than just the kitchen, we have been slow getting into it and making full use of it. But we’ve finally had some small parties, so we’ve been able to test out the new entertainment features like the bar cabinet, the new mini-fridge and the additional sink on that end of the kitchen…it’s everything we’d hoped and planned for! Add to that some family gatherings complete with crawling toddlers, high chairs, and ice-cream making, and I think it’s gotten a pretty good initiation. There will be a lot more cooking and baking happening once the weather turns cooler.” – customer

If you are like this family and are seeing your kitchen fall apart before your eyes, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you! You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area showrooms and start building your dream today.