Customer Service That Is “Always Exceptional” & “Responsive and Courteous”

When searching for a company with which to work for your major kitchen remodeling project, it’s always important to feel comfortable with your designer and the level of customer service you receive from that person and company. That’s a feeling that a local family only achieved once they decided to work with Cabinet Discounters. Their kitchen was out of date, and it was time for a face lift.

DSC_6377-edit“We decided to remodel our kitchen because we had the original, builder-grade materials that were first installed twenty years ago. The kitchen, as well as the whole house, needed a facelift and needed to be brought up to modern stylings and standards.” – customer

After having originally stopped at a big box store, the family felt that store did not meet their needs, so they visited our Cabinet Discounters Chantilly showroom and that’s where they met with designer Ramzi Haddad in the midst of a busy day in the store.

“We chose Cabinet Discounters because when we walked in on a busy Saturday with the measurements for our kitchen, Ramzi walked right up immediately and asked us how he could help. We had attempted to work with a competitor (Lowe’s) originally, only to be disappointed by the complete lack of attention to our project. Our experience with the salespeople, specifically Ramzi, is always exceptional. Ramzi knows how to take a space and create a layout that is sensitive to the need and desires of the homeowner. He listens closely such that he understands the vision of the homeowner and thus can make relevant suggestions about products and materials as well as unique spacial considerations.” customer

DSC_6406-editThe customers were extremely happy with their experience working with not only Ramzi, but with all of Cabinet Discounters.

“At Cabinet Discounters, the staff is always responsive and courteous. Ramzi helped us design our kitchen down to the last inch completely taking into account the stylings I wanted yet still pointing out relevant concerns that would make the design more accessible and user-friendly. Ramzi’s design experience helped me to avoid making unintentional layout flaws while still allowing me to compile my entire vision for the space. When anyone comes into our house, they rave about the kitchen and ask me who completed the work. I tell them without hesitation – Cabinet Discounters. I would never work with any other company.”customer

Working with Ramzi, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with Shaker doors and a Maple Zinc finish. The countertops are Cambria quartz Ella with a round over edge. The customers were equally happy with the cabinets and the countertop installation done by Creative In Counters.

DSC_6381-edit“The cabinets we ordered through Brighton Cabinetry arrived on time and were gorgeous. I had heard horror stories from friends and coworkers about other cabinet companies sending products with stain that didn’t match or had broken parts. But our Brighton cabinets fit perfect, were packed extremely well, arrived on time and with perfect staining and finish. Not a single problem. The counters that came from Creative In Counters were phenomenal as well. The guy who came to measure them was punctual and detailed. The company itself was easy to work with in terms of scheduling and choosing materials. The final product was just as gorgeous, actually more gorgeous, than I had envisioned.” – customer

The new space has given the family more room to enjoy their home not only with themselves, but with friends and family as well.

DSC_6391-edit“We are so happy with the outcome that we contacted Ramzi and ordered more cabinets to completely overhaul our large master bathroom. Ramzi sat down with me for hours entering the exact dimensions of the room and discussing project details and material concerns. We have been using our newly designed kitchen to host various events. Most recently, we hosted a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents. The kitchen was a warm, clean, modern perfectly well-suited venue for the event. Everything was wonderful.” – customer

If you are like this family and are looking to transform your kitchen with great customer service, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area showrooms and start building your dream today.